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Super Heinz Bet Explained: Everything You Need to Know

Super Heinz is one of the several different betting systems that provide a combination of bets under one title. Players who sign up for this type of betting system will have to be aware of the huge risks, but they are also putting them in a prime spot for mammoth wins that would simply be beyond the imagination of a regular bet.

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What does Super Heinz Meaning Betting?

A Super Heinz bet refers to a combination of multiple bets based on seven selections made by a punter. The individual only has to make seven selections that could be spread over different events – or even sports. These selections would be combined in the form of various bets, which total 120 in number. They would include:

  • One seven-fold bet
  • 7 six-fold bets
  • 21 five-fold bets
  • 35 four-fold bets
  • 35 treble bets
  • 21 double bets

Even with such a comprehensive list of combination bets, the individual does not get to enjoy any singles bet in the Super Heinz betting system. As a result, at least two selections have to be successful in order to provide returns. Due to a large number of doubles, this system can provide some big wins even if just a couple of the seven selections end up being successful.

Super Heinz Bet Example

Example of the Super Heinz bet

The Super Heinz in betting refers to a situation where a punter gets to make seven selections across 120 bets, which are treated as separate entities. As a result, the term £1 Super Heinz refers to a bet that will end up costing the punter £120 as a stake. Let us consider the example of a punter who chooses to back different horses at various events at the Cheltenham Festival. For the sake of easy understanding, let us consider the stake on each bet to be £1. This would result in a total stake of £120 in the Super Heinz betting system.

Horse racing usually involves odds greater than 3/1 even for the favourites, but let us assume that the punter chooses to back all seven selections at odds of 2/1. At these odds, a bettor needs at least four selections to come out successful out of the seven in order to make a profit, which would be at £123. Even if only three are successful, they end up making a loss of £66. If all seven selections succeeded these odds, the returns would be £16,362. An accumulator bet at the same odds would only return £2,187.

What is a Super Heinz Bet Good for?

A lot of combination bets mean that the probability of success when it comes to a Super Heinz bet is low. However, the system can be excellent in the case of sports like horse racing, where each selection receives a long odd more often than not. In such a scenario, it is possible to rack up mammoth wins even when around half of the selections managed to become successful. If an individual chooses bets that are only priced at 2/1 and ends up getting all seven selections right, the total odds from the Super Heinz betting system would be a whopping 16,362/1.

How Does a Super Heinz Bet Work?

How to use Super Heinz bet for racing betting

The punter may end up placing a substantial amount as a stake through this betting system, but it can be hugely beneficial if a couple of winning lines are achieved. There are more than 60 winning lines that comprise of four-fold bets and above. It happens to be one of the reasons for the high payouts in a Super Heinz bet.

Even though the system has plenty of combinations under its wing, the singles bet is not one of them. The success of each bet is calculated from the base that includes the likes of trebles and doubles. The fivefold and six-fold bet occupy the higher strata with the seven-fold bet providing the highest possible returns. Yet, it needs all seven selections to be successful. The system takes each selection and analyses the status.

How Does My Super Heinz Win?

The Super Heinz bet can provide some amazing returns if four or more selections are successful even at odds of 2/1. The system is capable of producing substantial wins with only two selections provided they have sufficiently long odds. The bookmaker will be taking each selection on an individual basis and applying the result to the various combination bets as part of the system.

Even if just one of the selection fails, it results in the entire combination being deemed as a failure. Now, the system moves on to the next combination in the Super Heinz bet. Similarly, each of the 120 combination bets is repeated in order to find the total returns.

How to Work Out Super Heinz Bet?

How to Work Out Super Heinz Bet on horses?

The punter can work out a Super Heinz bet using the odds and the various combinations that go into this system. If a punter is taking selections at odds of just 3.0, they require at least four selections in order to provide a profit. However, the profit, in this case, would be a remarkable £123 on a stake of £120. Even though it is theoretically feasible to at least return the stake with no liability to the individual, the prerequisite to achieve neutrality for a player opting for Super Heinz in betting would be to have at least two successful selections with odds 11.0 and above.

Super Heinz Bet Pros and Cons


  • The Heinz betting system happens to be immensely popular in sports where it is possible to find significantly higher odds even for selections that are being branded as favourites for success.
  • As a result, it is common to find punters adopting this betting system in sports like horse racing. In terms of football, the most popular markets could be the both teams scoring and total goals.
  • The Super Heinz bet has the capability to reward at whopping 16,342/1 odds if the individual is correct in predicting the success of all seven selections.


  • The biggest factor that could prevent an individual from considering this form of betting system is the huge stake required as a result of multiplying the stake per bet by 120 times to cover all separate combination bets. It also makes the Super Heinz bet not for the newcomer or inexperienced punter. The lack of singles means that it is not possible to achieve some kind of returns even if just one selection comes out good.
  • As a result, there is a considerable amount of risk when opting for this system. Punters have to be extremely confident in their selections or face the risk of losing substantial money, as a £1 Super Heinz becomes a stake of £120.
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