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Lucky Bet Explained: What Is It? How To Bet?

Lucky 15 bet is a type of betting that requires a punter to make four selections – each with its own odds and associated numbers. These selections would include Four Single Bets, Six Double Bets, 4 Treble Bets and the Fourfold Accumulator. All these combine to make a powerful betting combination, which can yield huge wins.

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A punter is required to choose four picks – could be anything from a team to a horse – and the stake. Since each of the selection counts as one unit, the player is looking at a total of 15 units. The Lucky 15 bet name comes from the bonus that results when just one team gets a win.

Lucky 15 Example

The best way to explain this form of betting would be to take the example of choosing four teams in a bet. Since football happens to be a popular sport for betting Lucky 15 way, we can choose Chelsea, Arsenal, Everton, and Tottenham.

Now, the straight bets (4 single bets) on these teams on a single way would be:

  • Chelsea
  • Arsenal
  • Everton
  • Tottenham

The two selections (double bets) would involve this combination:

  • Chelsea – Arsenal
  • Chelsea – Everton
  • Chelsea – Tottenham
  • Arsenal – Everton
  • Arsenal – Tottenham
  • Everton – Tottenham

Now, the bets enter into the part where 4 trebles bets have to be chosen. They would include:

  • Chelsea – Arsenal – Everton
  • Chelsea – Arsenal – Tottenham
  • Chelsea – Everton – Tottenham
  • Arsenal – Everton – Tottenham

Finally, the fourfold accumulator will involve the complete range of selection:

  • Chelsea – Arsenal – Everton – Tottenham

One of the key factors that a punter should look at is the availability of bonus if just one of the 15 selections ends up being successful. Best betting sites generally offer a bonus of around 2X, but it will not be out of league to witness bonuses in the region of 3X. This bonus happens to be a fine advantage while placing the full coverage bet.

How to Work out a Lucky 15 Bet

Let us assume that the four different bets each have odds of 2.0, and that the bookmakers is providing a bonus of 2X if just one of the teams is successful. In order to work out a lucky 15 bet returns, let us assume that the stake is £1.

If just one of teams is successful, a punter stands to make just £2 and losing the remaining £13. In the scenario of a Chelsea and Arsenal win alone, the punter is looking at victories in the two straight bets along with one win in the double bets. Hence, the total payout in this case would be £5.

Let us assume an instance where Chelsea, Arsenal, and Everton manage a win. In this case, the player would be getting three of the straight bets (£3), three of the double bets (£9), and one treble bet (£7) successful. This works out to a total payout of £19, and this is good profit if not all of your selections win.

The biggest advantage of this type of betting system is when there is a 100% success. This happens if Arsenal, Chelsea, Everton, and Tottenham are successful in this example. Now, the punter could be looking at a total payout of £65. Such is the higher level of payouts when all possible combination of multiple bets end up being successful. Now, some bookmakers even offer a bonus if all the bets turn out to be winners.

Lucky 15 Bet Each Way Explained

Like many of the bets, it is also possible to go down the route of Lucky 15 each way. The each way bet is a type of bet where the punter gets to a small fraction of the odds if a selection comes close to being successful. This is especially applicable in horse racing where a horse can be backed to win the event, while also going each way to back a top three finish.

In case of this betting system, punters have the option to select any of the picks as each way. It is important to recommend bookmakers for lucky 15 bets, as most of the players in the industry do not pay bonuses when it comes to this type of bet.

Let us assume that the four selections to back four different horses has been made at 3/1, 4/1, 7/1, and 5/1 so as to keep all the calculations simple. There is also a separate 1/5th odds for choosing a specific place.

The key attribute of this betting system is that a punter is coming in with fifteen separate bets and not just a single bet. Hence, if the stake on one unit happens to be £1, then the total stake happens to be £15.

Now, the each way option increases the stake even further, as the punter would be making a total of 30 bets if all the four selections have been chosen to go each way. Of course, it is essential to have a special lucky 15 strategy so as to increase the potential of each way bet and maximise the returns. For those who wish to go each way on all the bets, the total stake would be £30.

The power of this betting system is its ability to provide a whopping £2121.16 win if a punter can include all four single bets and other selections into the category of wins.

If the selection with 7/1 odds does not manage a victory but still manages to hit the placement bet, the punter could be looking at 1/5th of the 7/1 odds. Now, this reduces the total profit to £252. At the same time, if the selection with odds of 3/1 suffers the same outcome, it results in a total profit of £420.26.

Even if the selection with odds of 4/1 managed to succeed with the rest only placed, it still results in a tidy profit of £52 on the stake of £30.

Even though the returns are slightly lower than the lucky 63 bet or lucky 31 bet systems, the punter can be looking at a tidy profit while going with each way selection in this lucky 15 system.

Jack Young