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Make Your Bets with Latest AFC Asian Women's Cup Betting Odds

Football is a sport that broke the barriers of sex a long time ago and women football is already quite popular all over the world. If you’re interested in placing some winning AFC Asian Women’s Cup football bets, you can do so by checking them all on OddsDigger in order to be able to compare and choose the best betting odds that bookmakers have to offer.

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AFC Asian Women's Cup football bettingThe AFC Asian Women's Cup is a biennial women's national team football competition. It belongs to the Asian Football Confederation and is the premier football competition for women in AFC region. The first of these competitions took place in 1975. Odds on AFC Asian Women's Cup are in demand among bettors.

Since then, eighteen tournaments have been held every two years with Japan as the current champion. Furthermore, the tournament was organized by the Asian Lady Football Confederation. This is shortened as ALFC, which is also a part of the AFC and is responsible for female football.

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Eight teams are drawn to form two groups with four teams in each. Each team plays the teams in the other group once. The best two teams qualify for the semifinals. The two teams in the third place play in a play-off match. This play-off is used to determine who will be in the fifth position including the final World Cup qualifying spot.

This competition has also been dominated by the Pacific Rim countries. The People's Republic of China has won eight times, alongside other seven back-to-back victories. With the right and experienced bookmaker assisting you in finding clear and reliable AFC Asian Women's Cup betting odds, it is certain that winning will always be easy.

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