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Thai Premier League football bettingGet the Finest Thai Premier League Odds Only from OddsDigger!

This is the topmost level tournament system for the country’s Football Association. It is also known as the country's premier football competition. Eighteen clubs play with each other in form of a tournament. The tournament is used as a determinant as for which team qualifies for a promotion and which team will be relegated, so do not forget to check both the Thai Premier League promotion as well as relegation odds.

Several methods are used in determining the league’s champion. Some of these methods are head to head, goal difference as well as the number of goals scored by each team. While playing in the Thai Premier League, each team gets points. Three points for a win, a point for a draw, and a null for losing. At each season’s end, the club with the most points becomes the champion. With points being equal, either head-to-head, goal difference, or number of goals scored determine the winner.

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Founded in 1996 and the first on pyramid level, this country’s tournament seasons run from March until October, with 306 matches for the whole season. At the end of each regular tournament, the best teams automatically enter a higher league while the team that loses in the competition is relegated to the Thai League 2. OddsDigger gives the fans all the necessary information about Thai Premier League odds on time, thereby giving them enough time to decide before staking their bets.

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