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Counter Strike Betting Strategies: Hints and Tips on the Key Components of CSGO

What are the Basics of the CS:GO?

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Counter Strike Global Offensive is a multiplayer first-person shooter similar to games such as Call of Duty and Battlefield. The nuts and bolts of the game involve a five versus five scenario in which there are two featured teams, a terrorist side and a counter terrorist team. The game can almost be likened to an extreme version of cops and robbers with 30 rounds the normal amount of battles per map.

Each time a round is won, the winning team is awarded a point and the team who wins the most i.e. first to 16, is deemed the overall winner. During the encounter, the teams have to switch sides making for an intriguing and fair professional eSport.

How Is a Winner Determined?

Depending on what side you are competing on can successfully determine the method of victory. However, there is one simple rule that applies to both teams. Eliminate the entire opposing side and victory is assured. That said, there are other ways of tying up a round. For example, if you find yourself on the terrorist side, then an objective is to plant an explosive and ensure it detonates before either the time runs out or the opposition diffuses it.

Once an explosive has been planted, the Counter terrorists have just 25 seconds to diffuse it. The rounds themselves are usually only 180 seconds in length as well, meaning a lot of action occurs in a short amount of time making Counter Strike betting strategies key.

CSGO Betting Guide: Markets and Events

CS:GO Major event player set-up

Top Ranking Events

When it comes to CS:GO, there are no bigger events in the world than the Major Championships. The ELEAGUE Major is one of the premier events and boasts a prize pool of a whopping $1 million, which highlights the sports ever-growing popularity. The tournament features sixteen of the best teams from around the world who have qualified either via a previous tournament result or through offline qualifiers.

However, if you are new to betting on CS:GO then it is sometimes worth checking out some of the smaller regional tournaments in order to get a better understanding of the game and individual teams.

Multiple Markets

The exposure that CS:GO has been experiencing has also opened up a plethora of new betting markets. Making a wager has never been easier with handicaps, correct map scores and win, lose or draw markets available.

Handicaps are a great way of gaining value out of a team as it gives the team less likely to win a head start in the match. For example, a side, which are heavy favourites for a win may be on offer to win the match with a -2.5 start, meaning the opposing side start with a two-map head start in the betting stakes at least.

However, it does not end there, group betting and outright bets can often offer the best odds if you have the right strategy prior to an event. Bookmakers are even offering in-play Counter Strike betting so if you find yourself in trouble or a little nervous, you know you can cash out with minimum fuss.

Counter Strike Betting Strategies and How to Bet on CSGO

Counter Strike betting strategies


CS:GO is very much like any team versus team sport and should be considered as exactly that when looking at Counter Strike betting strategies. Due to the amount of games per map, which are played, it means the option to bet on each individual map is available. However, unless you have a deep understanding of each team’s strength and weakness this is best avoided as it quickly becomes complicated as a team who are the overall underdog may excel on a particular map. This can lead to it becoming a method for chasing losses.

It is also important to remember that CS:GO is a team sport. As in any competitive professional competition, there will always be certain players who are statistically stronger than others. However, the teams that perform the best are the ones that communicate the strongest.

Knowledge is the Key

Much like any sport, the more knowledgeable a person is on the subject the more chance they have of making successful bets. It is wise to learn and watch some CS:GO matches on free CSGO betting websites before laying any bets on any clashes.

Also, give it a go yourself, then watch the professionals and you will soon learn the intricacies and strategies that they employ. That way you will get to know the teams and can then start to formulate a plan by researching recent form, squad rosters and news surrounding the competing teams, which may affect team performance.

Placing a Bet

Find a bookmaker you trust (see below) and now with your strategy in place you can look at putting some money down and placing a bet. Select eSports and the game you want to bet on. You will then be presented with numerous markets but for the first time take a look at betting on the outright winner.

Select your team to win and you will likely be offered fractional odds for what that team is to win. For example, for a team at odds of ½, it means they are the favourites for the tie at odds on. Placing £10 at those odds would win you £5 plus your stake for a total return of £15.

Best Bookmakers for CS:GO Betting

CS:GO team Ninja’s in Pyjamas

Since its release in 2012, CS:GO’s popularity has reached astronomical levels and bookmakers have been quick to ensure they offer a host of eSports markets including Counter Strike. Betway is one such number of CSGO betting websites that has embraced eSports and even signed a deal to be headline sponsor of the Ninja in Pyjamas team.

Bet365 are arguably one of the best CSGO betting websites as they offer an extensive range of markets and break each encounter down to make it simple and easy to select and change a particular market. Group betting, Match winner, correct map scores and rounds handicap are just some of the markets Bet365 have to make your bets go further.

However, they are the only two, Coral, William Hill and a whole host of other big hitters ensure they are running CS:GO markets due to the sports high demand. The key thing is to shop around as there are a number of free CSGO betting websites that can make sure you have formulated a number of successful Counter Strike betting strategies.

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