Latest Water Polo Betting Odds Comparison

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ultimate water polo betting odds comparison in  South AfricaAs far as water sports go, this is amongst the most exciting of all. There’s a tremendous level of athleticism at play, with matches where the action can go in any direction. It’s a very popular sport globally, so fans who put the time and effort into researching the game will never be short of fixtures to wager on.

The Basics of Water Polo Betting

It is played between two sides of seven players each, one of whom is the goalkeeper. A match lasts for four quarters of eight minutes, as the two sides try to score the ball in the opponent’s goal. It’s similar to many ball sports like hockey and soccer in format, but the pressures of swimming combined with defense and offense make for a unique sporting spectacle full of high impact contact.

The Main Water Polo Betting Odds

Punters who frequently wager on ball sports should feel at home with these odds very quickly. Most of the typical markets are present. There’s the standard three-way match wager (win/lose/draw), over/under scores, handicap betting, first to score, quarter time scores, and so on. You can get familiar with these markets in no time at all, making it easy to start focusing on the teams and building up a successful bet slip. The sport also lends itself well to In Play betting, especially when fans make the most of mobile betting and live streaming. OddsDigger South Africa can provide the latest water polo live odds from the best bookmakers to ensure maximum profit.

Key Markets

Swimming South Africa governs the SA National Water Polo Championship, the biggest event for this sport in the country. Globally, you can find leagues in most countries to wager on. The biggest water polo events are the FINA World Aquatics Championship and Water Polo World Cup. The Water Polo World League features lots of promising markets all year round, as does the European Water Polo Championship. This is also a game that draws a lot of interest during the Summer Olympics.

The Best Betting Sites

Fans can find plenty of the best bookmakers offering a comprehensive coverage of markets for this sport. Betfair and Unibet are particularly good for punters looking to bet on water polo. The easiest way to get the best odds is to use OddsDigger to do the heavy lifting and connect fans directly to the best value odds around. This ensures maximum wagering profits on all of your betting strategies.