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It is a very old variety of racing where riders in a two-wheel cart used a horse attached with reigns to complete the race. The crucial thing here is that if the horse goes into any stride faster than a trot, such as a canter or gallop, they are immediately disqualified from the race. Riders, therefore, have to cut a fine balance between getting the runner into first place but not going above a certain speed, which definitely makes for interesting results when the time comes to bet on trotting.

The Ins and Outs of Trotting Betting Odds

Trotting odds are similar to that of a normal horse race, the most common being a straight wager on which rider will come in first. As with all racing, each way bets are very popular here. Then there might be wagers on the order of the first three riders or which two will enter the first and second place, in any order. Also like horse racing, these races usually come down to the line, and there’s rarely more than a meter between winning horses, so you can also wager on the amount of heads you think a runner will win by. Trotting betting will be easy to understand for anybody who’s wagered on a standard race before. And with in-play markets, you will never miss the important action. Check OddsDigger for live odds comparison.

The Main Markets

You’ll find no shortage of events in South Africa, with race tracks like Clairwood and Scottsville having regular events during the season where you should find markets available for wagering. Elsewhere, there are massive markets to enjoy that globally are comparable to the interest in flat horse racing. In North America, it’s particularly popular, with the Canadian Gold Cup and Saucer and United States Triple Crown being the most famous events. Then in Australia, you have the Inter Dominion Series, and Europe’s grandest event, the Prix d’Amerique in France.

How to Make Trotting Bets

It’s such a popular sport worldwide that plenty of sites for it exist. Any bookmaker that carries big racing coverage can probably be expected to do the same for this sport. Bwin and William Hill are two we’d recommend checking with, thanks to solid market coverage and competitive odds in this sport. However, never forget to use OddsDigger for trotting odds comparison, to ensure that your money is going as far as possible on these great markets.