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ultimate pool betting odds comparison in  South AfricaIt has been a favourite sport around the world for centuries, offering a pastime that’s easy to get into but hard to master, as everyone who’s ever chalked a cue knows. There’s a massive variety of the different types of this game played today, which is good news for bettors as it means a wider variety of available markets to wager on.

The Main Facts About Pool Betting

Pool, or billiards as it’s known in North America and elsewhere, consists of two players trying to pot one of two sets of coloured balls into six pockets on a table. The idea is to take maximum advantage of the ball spread on the table whilst making it harder for your opponent to line up a successful shot. There are many different kinds of game types when you bet on pool, which could include eight-ball, nine-ball, ten-ball, and straight pool variants. There’s no shortage of competitions around the world to wager on, so this is a great value market to get familiar with.

The Principal Pool Betting Odds

The most common kind of wager you’ll find for pool bets here are match bets for a player to win a particular fixture. There are also popular outright markets for a particular player to come out on top of a particular tournament. The games can be very tight, and a successful betting strategy should focus on analysing the form of the competing players to find out who is on the way up and who could be in the midst of a losing streak. Live betting is a good option here, especially when fans take advantage of live streaming and mobile wagering, whilst making sure to check OddsDigger for the best deals on the In Play markets.

Prime Markets

Pool South Africa governs all the country’s biggest tournaments, some of which include the South African Seniors and South African Masters Pool Championships. Elsewhere around the world, the World Pool Association covers different events for the various game formats, such as the World Eight-Ball Championships, which see the best talent globally compete.

Top Pool Betting Sites

Many bookmakers will be offering markets on events, but we’d recommend Bet-at-home and Betway as having some of the most favourable coverage. They both offer solid odds on lots of games, and occasionally have tempting bonus offers to enjoy as well. Make sure to compare pool odds with OddsDigger for the best odds so you can ensure that you’re getting the most out of your bet slip when it comes to winning big.