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ultimate darts betting odds comparison in  South AfricaThis is a growth market for profitable wagers, and the sport continues to gain increased traction across the globe. Like in any singles event, player form is a big consideration here, and even the best players can have a bad day, making for some great wagering opportunities at the highest levels. With plenty of events on the go, fans won’t be short of markets with the latest darts odds to take some action on.

The Basics of Darts Betting

Professional sport uses the regular dartboard to play 501 games, that is, both players start with a score of 501 and try to reach exactly zero in as few throws as possible. The minimum amount of darts needed to achieve this is nine. It’s a straightforward game for fans to grasp, so punters looking for new markets won’t take long to get up to speed with the action.

The Key Types of Betting Odds

Professional sport features three main bet types: outright markets for who will win a tournament, match markets for who will win a particular game, and set bets for who will win an individual set. Then there are more specific markets, such as 180s scored, 9 dart finishes, over/under sets, and so on. The action can go back and forth very easily over the course of a single game, so darts live betting can be profitable most of the time. When you use live streaming and mobile betting, plus get the best In Play odds from OddsDigger, getting on top of the action is easier than ever.

The Main Markets

You’re likely to find plenty of regional tournaments across the country. The South African National Darts Championship takes in the best talent across the country, such as the mercurially talented Devon Peterson. Internationally, England has one of the strongest darts scenes, with such prestigious tournaments as the PDC World Championship, Premier League, UK Open, and the biggest tournament of all, the BDO World Championship.

How to Find the Best Darts Betting Sites

There are plenty of big bookmakers with great coverage of the markets, such as Betway and Bet365. If you want to get straight to the best odds without any hassle, OddsDigger gives fans the best darts odds comparison completely cost-free. You’ll be able to use a powerful aggregator tool that puts the best offers right in the palm of your hand, making it easier than ever to cash in on these superior wagering opportunities.