Online Water Polo Betting Odds Comparison

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best water polo betting odds comparison in  UgandaThis is a sport that’s been enjoying a surge of interest of late. It’s played all over the world, and the high impact physicality of this aquatic game gives it an edge that spectators won’t find in solo water sports like swimming or diving. There are genuine opportunities for profit returns when smart fans track down the best value odds and line up winning wagers.

Water Polo Betting: The Key Facts

It has been a popular sport for more than a century. Two teams of seven players (including goalkeepers) clash in a pool to try and defend their goal whilst scoring in the opponent’s end. This fast-paced spectacle takes place over four quarters, each lasting eight minutes. If you’ve ever watched sports like soccer or hockey, you’ll be able to get up to speed with the action right away.

The Principal Betting Odds

The most common type is the matches wager, a three-way wager on a win/lose/draw outcome. After that, you’ll find familiar markets with water polo odds on over/under scores, goal handicaps, first to score, and so forth. Live odds are also something fans will want to pay attention to, as this fast-paced game offers excellent opportunities on In Play wagering, especially when fans stay on top of the action with live streaming and mobile betting apps.

The Core Markets for Water Polo Bets

The sport is gaining popularity in Uganda, with the Uganda Swimming Federation declaring in late 2017 its intent to develop a professional water polo competition. Until that comes to pass, there are plenty of international markets to bet on water polo. The most prestigious tournament is the FINA World Aquatics Championship that features the best players in the world. Other major competitions include the European Water Polo Championship, Water Polo World League, Water Polo World Cup, and, of course, the Summer Olympics.

The Premier Water Polo Betting Sites

This one is amongst the most popular sports for bookmakers. Operators such as Unibet and Betfair have consistently provided strong coverage of the markets all year round. To ensure you’re wagering on the best odds, use OddsDigger’s powerful aggregator tool to ensure you’re working with only the best deals from the top bookmakers, to make certain you’re extracting maximum profit from these fantastic markets.