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It is one of the most popular forms of horse racing in the world. It involves riders on 2-wheel carts harnessed to a horse navigating a track that’s approximately 1600 m in length. Riders have to ensure that their standardbred horses never go faster than a trotting pace, so if the animal moves into a canter or gallop, they are disqualified from the race. The sport, therefore, requires the contestants to tread a fine line between being as fast as possible and breaking stride, which makes for terrifically interesting races so you can easily bet on trotting.

Crucial Information for Trotting Odds

Fans who try to wager will find markets reminding them of any other horse race. The biggest market is a straight bet on the winner of a particular race. Beyond this, there are wagers for, say, who will be the first three racers and what order they will come in at or by how many heads a horse will win. Everything is very straightforward and this is a sport that can be grasped very quickly. Since races are relatively slow, there are always interesting opportunities to find valuable trotting betting odds on the In-Play markets, which can be accessed easily with mobile wagering and live streaming of events.

Core Markets

Though the sport is not big in Uganda, there are plenty of big events that will give fans ample opportunity to bet on trotting. It’s very popular in the United States, where the Triple Crown races are amongst the biggest anywhere, plus the Gold Cup and Saucer to the North in Canada. In Russia, the Gold Cup is a famous event, and France’s Prix d’Amerique is one of the jewels in the crown of the season. It is a popular sport everywhere, and there’s never any shortage of events for wagering.

How to Make the Best Trotting Bets

For trotting betting sites, find bookmakers who have good horse racing, as they will usually take care of this as well. Bwin and Unibet are both solid choices because they offer a wide range of markets and reliably competitive odds. Remember to use OddsDigger for all your trotting odds comparison, as we can connect fans with the best value wagers for both pre-match and live betting markets and can help ensure they’re looking at the maximum return on this fantastic sport.