Ten Pin Bowling Betting Odds Comparison

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It is quite a popular sport in New Zealand, and that’s not the only region where it has a huge following, the sport has gained millions of fans across the world, with major tournaments organized yearly to entertain fans and for punters to profit from. If you are looking to join the bandwagon, we are ready to present you with relevant information to cover everything you need to know about bowling betting in New Zealand.

What Are Bowling Betting Odds?

These are essentially the probability of a team to win and are usually represented as fractions or decimals. They are useful in calculating the total winnings. What a punter needs to do is to multiply the given odds and their stake and that should show what the total winnings will be. Even though there are many betting markets for this sport, the two most common wager types include frame winner and frame betting.

  1. Frame Winner: In this market, which has good bowling odds to keep punters interested, one is required to wager on the team they believe will win a specific frame, and for the wager to be valid, that particular frame must be completed successfully. Bookmakers offer attractive numbers in this market, and if you are a punter interested in this sport, it is advisable that you use this market.
  2. Frame Betting (Correct Score): Here, punters are required to predict the correct final score in frames. The odds are quite enticing, and any punter who understands the value of good numbers will be swimming in this market. The potential to make loads of money is just too high for anyone to ignore.

If you want even more opportunities to win, check out our in-play odds comparison service that lets you see the numbers for on-going games. You may find some exclusive chances here.

Betting Markets in Ten Pin Bowling Tournaments

Truth be told, with all the matches organized annually, punters may find it hard to pick out the best odds from different bookies. However, OddsDigger makes it possible for you to compare bowling odds and select the best bookies. In New Zealand, you may choose from such tournaments as the Manukau Open, Tauranga Seniors Cup, Wellington Open, and many others. In addition, you can now look at all odds available for international games using our effective odds comparison tool. Wager on the WTBA World Championship, World Tenpin Masters, Qubica/AMF World Cup, and Commonwealth Tenpin Bowling Championships and win more.

Online Bookies to Bet on Bowling

There are many credible sites, although they do have different odds. It is therefore recommended that you conduct an in-depth comparison and pick only those who offer good numbers. Remember, the end goal is to make money, profiting from your bowling bets. The following are the best sites for betting on the sport: Bet-At-Home and 888sport. They offer in-play options, mobile wagering, great odds, and fantastic promotions. Get started now!