Rugby League Betting Odds Comparison

Rugby league is the most fast-paced form of rugby on the planet, and the best rugby league bets can let fans unlock the markets. For the top betting odds, let OddsDigger New Zealand compare the best bookmaker offers around to ensure that your money is going further than ever before.

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Rugby league betting oddsRugby league is a streamlined offshoot of rugby union after a split in 1895 due to the perceived issues from the professionalisation of traditional rugby. The differences here are interesting and make for a faster, more hectic game. There are subtle differences in the rules: there are two less players on each side at 13. Tries are four points, conversions are two points, and drop goals score one point. The sport has a storied history in New Zealand that was, in fact, the second country to take up rugby league after England. Historic victories at the Tri-Nations in 2005 and the Rugby League World Cup in 2008 are just some of the recent moments in New Zealand’s tradition of rugby league excellence.

How to Bet on Rugby League

Anyone familiar with rugby shouldn’t have too much of a problem following the action in rugby league. The big differences here are the rules governing what happens after a tackle: there aren’t any rucks or mauls governing the outcome of a scrum, so players can simply roll the ball back to someone else and carry on the play. It makes the game more fast-paced to watch for sure. One other thing to be noted is that offensive position switches following six successive tackles on one team, also speeding up play, and guaranteeing a more frantic back and forth between the teams. The pace of the game also means that, at the very highest level, fitness and athleticism are slightly more critical to rugby league players than rugby union.

The Best Rugby League Bets

It’s always tempting to go with the most likely winner when making a sports bet, but that isn’t how the most successful punters grow their bankroll. If you were to always go with the bookies’ favourite, a lot of the time you’d be making very little back on such short odds, for example, having to spend $200 on a stake for the chance of a $20 return. The value lies in digging for deals where a small bet can yield big returns. It’s at the core of every successful betting strategy and can lengthen the profits on your entire bet slip.

Rugby League Betting: the Biggest Bets Explained

Rugby league betting is not that different from the other big sports when you’re looking at the main bets. There’s the usual three way bet on the final outcome of a match (win/lose/draw), over/under bets on the final goal score, half-time markets, future/outright wagers, and plenty more. The bookmakers who invest more in covering rugby league markets can also offer action on which players will score, how much they will score, and whether handicap betting will be available on an unevenly matched fixture. When it comes to getting things right, the best advice we can give is to take some time to familiarise yourself with the game and do your homework about whatever teams are playing. Look at past encounters, home field advantage, and the strength of the players in key positions such as full-back, half-back, and hooker.

Markets for Rugby League Bets

There’s a great selection of domestic and international rugby league markets on offer, with the biggest being centred around England, France, Australia, and New Zealand.

New Zealand Rugby League Markets

In New Zealand, there are several enticing markets in the form of the National Provincial Competition, plus plenty of exciting regional competitions taking in a total of 142 clubs, including divisions like the Auckland Rugby League. Next door, in Australia, the National Rugby League and Super Premiership New South Wales both maintain a reputation for an exceptional level of play.

International Rugby League Markets

In England, rugby league is terrifically popular in the North of the country, with the Super League and Championship being the biggest events. In France, the Elite One and Elite Two Championships are where you’ll find the best continental action. There’s a nice line in international tournaments for this sport. The biggest of which is the Rugby League World Cup, held every four years, where Australia have traditionally been the dominant team. There’s also the European Championship and Four Nations tournaments, where England, Wales, France, and Scotland usually battle it out for the top spot.

How to Cash In on Rugby League Betting Odds

Rugby league favours a fast-paced play style that means you get a lot of action in the course of a match, meaning more opportunities for upsets and turnarounds, which means more wagering opportunities for quick-witted punters. One way to approach the markets is through rugby league live betting, where you can make bets as the match is in play and respond to changes in the game instantly. Getting to know the sport and when to seize an opportunity is the surest way of lengthening your bet slip on this sport.

Where You Can Find Rugby League Best Odds

If you’re interested in unlocking the markets of rugby league and getting your hands on some winning wagers, you can see if your nearest brick and mortar bookie is taking any action. This will obviously be easier in countries like England and New Zealand where the sport is tremendously popular. Otherwise, you should be able to take action on events with rugby league grand final odds online. Paddy Power offer deep markets for this sport, and their odds can usually be relied upon to be towards the top end of the market.

How to Pick the Bookmaker with the Best Rugby League Odds

You can save yourself some time and quite a bit of money by taking advantage of OddsDigger’s powerful rugby league odds comparison service that connects fans with the best bets instantly. It’s totally cost-free and lets you wager in confidence knowing that you’re getting the best odds available from only the most trusted bookmakers. If you want to get to the heart of the action with no delay, then you’ve come to the right place.

Live-Streaming and Mobile Betting on Rugby League Odds

Many of the leading bookmakers let you live-stream matches as they occur. This is great because the best ones run rugby league live odds on the screen at the same time, making it easier to line up a winning wager when the time is right. Furthermore, they’ll often offer a mobile betting app, often paired with streaming, so you can be betting on the action from the pub, even if the game’s not on the telly. For the best live betting deals, use OddsDigger to compare the markets in real time. There’s no reason fans should be ignoring the wagering opportunities on terrific rugby league markets, when a winning bet on the best odds is only a click away.