Ice Hockey Betting Odds Comparison

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ultimate Ice Hockey betting odds comparison for New Zealand on this pageIce hockey may not be the most popular sport in New Zealand but that is not to say that there are no fans of this sport in this country. In fact, the sport enjoys a tremendous amount of popularity in New Zealand just like it does in several other countries in the world. The popularity also translates into a lot of ice hockey betting interest.

Getting Started with Ice Hockey Betting

The game is played in a stipulated time which is split up into 20-minute sections. This presents plenty of betting opportunities for punters. Rather than just go with the outright win for a tournament or individual match results, it is also possible to go deep inside a match and bet on different sections. Punters receive a lot of opportunities and markets related to the game. The popularity of this sport means that one can come across a huge number of ice hockey betting sites, which not only take money for wagers but also provide a huge amount of bonus offers and deals.

Receiving the Finest Ice Hockey Odds

The availability of several options does present a punter with a different kind of a problem – the comparison of the ice hockey odds. This may be quite simple when a handful of bookmakers are available, but that is not the case when it comes to this sport.

Odds in Ice Hockey Betting Explained in Easy Terms

The ice hockey betting odds are usually presented in the form of fractions, decimals, or moneyline. Depending on the location of a punter, they will be able to access one form or the other but it is also likely that the bookmakers will have an option to switch between these different formats. The odds are just a representation of the probability of an event. When two teams face off against each other with Team A having a greater chance to win compared to Team B, the odds tend to show the disparity by going short on Team A and going long on Team B. A punter can calculate the potential returns by multiplying the stake with the prices on offer.

Markets for Ice Hockey Punters

There is a vast array of markets presented to any enthusiast and it is not surprising considering the sheer volume of top tournaments in the world. The major markets with regard to this sport are:

Tournament Outright – This is a wager that is made in order to choose a team that will end up as the winner of a tournament. Other forms of outright wagers are also available, but this happens to be the most common and popular option among them.

Match result – The prediction of the match outcome is a hugely popular element in all forms of wagering and this sport is no different. The ice hockey bets that are used to predict the outcome of a game are usually quite rewarding.

Total goals – Just like in the world of soccer, ice hockey is also determined by the number of goals. Bookies provide the option where a punter will be able to pick the total number of goals. These are usually in the form of 5.5, 6.5, or 7.5.

Domestic Events for Ice Hockey Betting

The interest in the various events of the sport primarily stems from the focus on the most popular domestic league of them all – National Hockey League. This competition features some of the best players, teams, and coaches. Even if it is played in the North American regions, this division happens to attract interest from around the world. Besides, there are also other domestic leagues in countries like Switzerland, Finland, and Sweden. New Zealand also has an ice hockey Federation which controls several aspects of the game in the country. The New Zealand Ice Hockey League is one of the popular domestic leagues in the country, although it is an amateur division.

International Events for Ice Hockey Betting

Internationally, the sport offers a lot of competitions like the World Championships, Women’s World Championships, Champions Hockey League, and World Cup of Hockey. These tournaments usually have a long list of top players. Thus, they form the perfect scenario for experienced punters who bet on ice hockey.

High Profitability of Ice Hockey Betting

The profitability element is one of the important factors. Ice hockey bets happen to be incredibly popular since the sport can be quite rewarding. For starters, there are several tips and strategies that need to be applied before expecting success. A punter needs to analyse aspects like recent form, injured players, absence of stars, home and away from, quality of the opposition, and many more such statistics. These are essential to determine the profitability of your wager.

Betting on Ice Hockey Online

The ice hockey wagers can be a quite complicated field, but any punter can succeed by adopting several strategies. One of the key aspects to remember is the choice of a bookmaker, although it is not recommended to stick with one bookmaker due to the fear of loyalty reducing the value in prices.

Best of Bookmakers: Ice Hockey Betting Sites

There may be several hundred bookmakers, but only a few stand out from the crowd like Betfred. Founded in 1967, this private gambling network has a revenue that runs into several billion. Despite being a very popular entity, Betfred still offers a range of promotions, bonuses, deals, and offers. They help increase the attractiveness even further.

Live Streams Plus In-Play Betting

Along with a large number of markets and great prices, bookies have started offering in-play betting choices of late. OddsDigger New Zealand is aware of this and offers an in-play odds comparison service. In order to help a punter assess the situation better, live stream content of the event is also provided free of cost. Get started now!