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ultimate Golf betting odds comparison for New Zealand on this pageGolf is a sport that has been around for a long time. Over the years, it has established itself as one of the top pastimes. Golf is now popular in almost every country across the world and New Zealand is no different.

Betting on Golf Tournaments Is Easy

New Zealanders get a variety of options with regard to golf betting. It is not limited to countries that are rich in terms of golf tradition. New Zealand also has a couple of top golfing champions like Tim Wilkinson and Ryan Fox. Hence, there is a large section of the population using smart golf bets in order to maximise the entertainment that they derive from the sport. Bookmakers cater to this interest by providing different types of markets with regard to this sport.

Receive the Best Odds

The availability of several ways to bet on the sport also throws up the requirement of getting the best prices. This is made possible by golf odds comparison websites like OddsDigger New Zealand. Once the market has been identified, these comparison tools can be used for getting the best price possible. The price comparison used to be a cumbersome process, but it has been made much simpler by the use of such technologies.

Explaining the Different Types of Golf Odds

The process of comparison becomes essential as there are multiple markets concerning this sport. Apart from the basic options like predicting the winner of the tournament, one can also choose outcomes like the first round leader, top 10 finish, top 20 finish, and much more. As the interest for the sport continues to grow, the options just keep on increasing with some of the top bookmakers not thinking twice to offer specials – these allow punters to bet on a golfer to win a major in an ante-post bet. Such wide availability of opportunities makes golf sports betting incredibly attractive.

Top Markets for Golf Sports Betting

There is no shortage of markets. A player can choose from a wide array of domestic and international competitions. Each top event happens to bring more than 120 golfers. Even the minor events attract several top golfers and they happen to take place throughout the year.

Golf Betting on Domestic Events

The domestic events are largely comprised of the Majors that take place in a specific region. There are four Majors that are worth your attention – the US Open, the Masters, the Open, and the US PGA Championship. Even though they take place during a specific period of time, they can result in huge opportunities for punters with varying levels of experience. In New Zealand, you can bet on the Southern Open, Christmas Open, and Auckland Southern Country Golf Challenge.

Golf Betting on International Events

The choice of international tournaments is also quite extensive, as the sport continues to grow in popularity around the world. The PGA Tour may largely be based in the North American regions, but it has spread over to several parts of the world like South America and Asia.

The European Tour is also a popular tournament for punters around the world. Even though it is based on the European continent, it has a very international flavour due to the participation of top golfers from around the world. Since it takes place across different countries in Europe, it can be regarded as an international tournament.

Other forms of international golf action also take place with one of the most prominent being the Ryder Cup, which involves the top golfers from Europe taking on their American counterparts.

Is Golf Betting Actually Profitable?

The golf wagers can turn out to be quite profitable indeed. One of the first steps towards succeeding is the ability to analyse the odds for the same market. Since each bookmaker has their own price, this results in a lot of variations. Bringing together all the places in one place to compare golf odds is the best practice towards getting value for money. Other aspects like analysing the form of a golfer, trends, and other patterns should also be taken into account.

Where and How to Wager on Golf?

There are multiple options available for a punter betting on golf tournaments and this is not just with regard to the markets. There is a large volume of bookmakers who are involved in the world of providing punters with betting opportunities on this sport. However, it is imperative to analyse all the factors and choose the right bookmaker.

The Top Bookmakers: Compare Golf Odds

Some of the factors that need to be analysed before choosing the latest golf odds are the reputation of the bookmaker and the prices on offer. Only through comparison of the prices will a punter be able to reveal the best golf bets. Aspects like the bonus offers and deals available on a wagering site have to be factored in, as these can go a long way in providing value for the punter. A welcome bonus offer is one of the first red carpets for a new player. It is necessary to choose a bookie with the longest line up of offers who also provides the best prices. Unibet, William Hill, and Betway are among such sites that we recommend.

Live Streams and Mobile Wagering

There has been a proliferation of mobile betting options, as more people use their smartphones in order to access a bookie. The old corner betting shop has been completely taken out by these modern amenities. It is important to use these options for the purpose of getting the most out of the markets. Here, we are offering in-play betting options. A bookie also may provide a live stream of the events. Hence, a punter can watch the event anywhere. Use our service now and benefit from all of this!