Golf Betting Odds

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best golf betting odds in  NigeriaGolf ranks as one of the popular sports in the world. Alongside the likes of football and cricket, it has a huge presence in the betting industry. The profitability element of golf is as high as in any other sport and this makes it a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to make some money.

Placing Smart Golf Bets

The choices in the world of golf betting are immense. It is possible to bet on individual tournaments, smaller events, or go with the specials. The betting shops of old are no longer the only place to get wagering options regarding this sport, as a large chunk of the options now exists online.

Finding the Top Odds & Golf Wagers

The biggest task that needs to be accomplished by a punter happens to be finding value. This is done by identifying the bookmakers that offer a high price for a particular selection. There are more than a handful of bookies available today, this process can become quite cumbersome without the right tools in hand. One of the best ways to assess the value is by using OddsDigger, which helps compare golf odds extremely quickly.

Explaining Golf Betting Odds

The world of golf sports betting is primarily concerned with a familiar market system whereby the favourite players are provided significantly lower prices for winning the tournament outright. At the same time, punters will also encounter the mediocre players and the less experienced names being demoted to the bottom with high prices. However, since the golf competitions usually involve more than 100 players across the field, there is a greater scope for better prices. It is not uncommon to come across a market where even the top player receives prices in excess of 4.00 or 5.00.

Markets Available for Golf Betting

A huge assortment of the latest golf odds is available for a punter looking to bet on this sport. These not only cover the major tournaments but also extend even further. The common market available for this sport is the tournament winner outright. This is a simple and straightforward market which is popular amongst newcomers. However, it is possible to maximise returns by going with exotic options. Punters may come across choices like the leaderboard after the first day, top 20 finish, top 10 finish, three ball bets, and head to head. Only some of the options may be provided in certain parts of the world.

Golf Sports Betting on Domestic Leagues & Competitions

The process of betting on golf tournaments begins with understanding the different tournaments available for this sport. There are multiple domestic tournaments that take place around the world. The majors like the US Open undoubtedly take the biggest chunk of interest, but bookies have a special focus on almost every domestic tournament that takes place around the world. In Nigeria, Lagos Amateur Open Golf Championship gets the most attention with hundreds of players competing. If you want to wager locally, this is the competition to choose.

International Leagues & Competitions

There is an equally diverse range of options for a punter looking at international tournaments. To start with, the PGA Tour happens to be the most important of the golf events since it manages to encompass every top player. The prize money, reputation, and history of this tournament all help achieve the incredible pulling power amongst professional golfers. The same also applies to the punters, who are aware of the increasing number of choices that they get when placing money on this event.

Another top international event happens to be the European Tour, which is similar to the PGA Tour but it is held in Europe. Once again, it manages to witness all the top golfers in one location.

The Ryder Cup is effectively a match play tournament between Europe and America. It takes place over three days and players will be fighting for a total of 28 points. The Ryder Cup is only for the men’s game, while the women’s game is taken care of by the Solheim Cup. Both competitions attract a lot of interest in terms of wagering.

Profitability of Golf Betting

The profitability of a bet is often determined by the prices on offer. The first step towards increasing the profitability of a wager is to identify the best price. This can be done by comparison. A player can apply a lot of strategies like analysing the current form of a player and spotting trends from a past event. These have been proven strategies, while experienced punters can also go with accumulator and permutation strategies amongst many others.

Great Places to Wager on Golf

The growth of online betting options means that it does not take long to get the latest golf odds irrespective of the location. Furthermore, punters can also compare these prices to choose the right option. Since golf is popular around the world, almost every bookmaker has an interest in this sport. William Hill is one of the reputed names when it comes to sports betting in general. Here, punters will be getting fair promotion campaigns and prices.

Live Golf Odds and Great Mobile Betting

The ability to watch the golf content live on a mobile device has been made possible by the growth of technology. This has been made a standard element of every bookmaker side, as it helps quickly catch up with the latest developments from the comfort of an individual’s location. The live golf odds have grown along with the live stream services. On this page, you will find the latest in-play odds and compare them. Start now!