Surfing Betting Odds

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This is a tremendously popular sport, enjoyed wherever people have access to the ocean. As a competition, the markets have seen a surge of interest in recent years, as fans start to realise there’s a lot of value to be unlocked on wagering on the outcomes of these tournaments. A bet on surfing could potentially prove very profitable, and there are a lot of top events available throughout the year.

The Main Surfing Betting Odds

The competitions for the sport usually take the format of a series of heats, where riders have between 20 and 30 minutes to ride the biggest waves with the most skill. It’s a hard sport to judge, and there aren’t a lot of sub-bet markets. The main wagers centre on who will win a particular heat. There are also outright surfing odds available on the overall winner of a specific tournament. If you’re considering live wagering, be sure to make the most of mobile gambling apps and live streams coverage to help stay on top of the action at all times. And don’t forget to visit OddsDigger to conduct an in-play odds comparison.

The Core Markets

Wherever there’s a shoreline and, especially, good weather, you will probably find suitable events not far away. In Kenya, there are no local tournaments yet although the sport is very popular. And the biggest tournaments in the world are organised by the World Surf League and include the WSL World Title Race, as well as various Championship Tour competitions. As far as particular countries go, Australia has a lot to offer for surfing betting, with tournaments like the Rip Curl Pro and Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast happening all the time.

Where to Find the Best Surfing Betting Sites

If you’re looking for some bookmakers to take surfing bets, Betfair and Unibet are particularly strong contenders. They both provide broad coverage of markets on the biggest events, and their odds always seem to be towards the more competitive end of the market. Be sure to use OddsDigger for all your surfing odds comparison to make sure you’re maximising profits on winning wagers. Good luck!