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best golf betting odds comparison in  KenyaKenya is a fascinating country when it comes to all forms of golf betting choices. The country is steeped in tradition when it comes to accepting different sports. As a result, the likes of cricket, football, and golf have become extremely popular in this country.

Is Online Golf Betting Possible?

The options for a punter with regard to wagering on this sport are quite huge. Just like in the case of every other sport, a punter is provided the opportunity to place money on the selections. Since this is a very popular sport played in different countries around the world, there is no shortage of choices. Bookies take money with regard to small or huge tournaments. A punter can sometimes be presented with an overwhelming list of odds.

Accessing the Best Golf Odds

The sheer variety of choices for a punter in this sport makes it difficult for them to pick the right option without the right kind of assistance. This is certainly provided by tools like OddsDigger, which help compare golf odds in a few seconds. The process of finding the best odds can go a long way in improving the profitability element for a punter.

Exploring Golf Betting Odds

The punter stands to be amazed when they explore the different choices available. This segment happens to be extremely lucrative due to the relatively high returns available on almost every front. Since there are more than 100 top players taking part in any given event, this results in a large competitive field. As a result, the option for outright tournament winner gets quite attractive. A punter will find that a top player is given the odds greater than 4.00 in the case of an outright winner. Similarly, other markets also happen to receive attractive prices from the bookie like top 10, top 20, and others.

Markets in Golf Betting

The process of betting on golf tournaments begins with understanding the popular tournaments. They are available on both domestic and international fronts.

Smart Golf Bets Choices in Domestic Golf

Kenya Open Golf Championship is the local competition you can turn your eyes to. Kenya Golf Union regulates the sport in the country and there are multiple iconic golf clubs that see plenty of action every year. Domestic golf in other countries is largely dominated by the majors, which comprise of four different tournaments. They are the US Open, Open, Masters, and US PGA Championship. The British Open, Memorial Tournament, Farmers Insurance Open, and AT&T National are some of the other popular domestic competitions around.

Golf Wagers Choices in International Golf

Even though the PGA Tour and the European Tour cannot be classified as pure international tournaments, some of the events as part of these tours are held around the world. This makes them a great choice for enthusiasts of this sport. There is a proliferation of golf wagers when these events take place. It is common to find futures or ante-post betting opportunities available for most of the international tournaments. They happen to provide even better value to the punter. The Ryder Cup is another popular international tournament, as it pits the top players from North America and Europe against each other.

Profitability in Golf Betting

Since a large section of top players regularly take part in the tournaments, this increases the competitiveness. This also serves to increase the price received for each player. It is not uncommon to find even the top stars given the prices above 4.00 for a victory. Three factors play a major role in deciding the profitability of a wager – current form, historical performance, and nature of the course. However, the best golf bets play the biggest part in increasing the profitability of a wager.

Are There Any Places to Wager on Golf?

There are different avenues for seeking the latest golf odds. This is due to the overwhelming popularity of the sport, which causes almost every bookmaker to have markets and prices on different tournaments. Since the coverage is provided for a variety of tournaments, it is possible to place wagers almost throughout the year. There are a few sports in the world which allow a punter to do so. Apart from betting on the tournament outright, punters can also choose to place money on specials like placement or top 10 finish.

The Finest Bookmakers for the Latest Golf Odds

Some of the top names that stand out from the crowd happen to be Ladbrokes, who have been around for several decades. The bookmaker has evolved from being a corner betting shop into a huge online destination for betting on almost every sport – including golf. Despite the rich history and heritage that comes along with Ladbrokes, the bookmaker continues to offer a long list of promotions. This makes it attractive, as a welcome bonus offer can be a huge incentive indeed. The bookie also goes one better than just regular odds by offering in-play betting options.

Mobile, In-Play Betting, and Live Stream

There is a growing number of ways to place a wager on this sport, as more bookmakers are now offering the possibility of experiencing the live golf odds. These in-play options further increase the engagement. You can compare them right here on this page. In order to give a wholesome experience, bookmakers also provide live stream content. This increases the usability of the modern betting features. Now, mobile devices have become a key driver behind traffic for all the bookies and it is not a surprise to see dedicated apps crop up. With so many options, there’s no excuse not to start winning with us now!