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African Nations Cup football bettingThe African Cup of Nations is a major international association football tournament in Africa. The Confederation of African Football approved it first in 1957. Years after its establishment, the tournament is held every two years while the titleholders at the time of the Confederations Cup of FIFA qualifying for that competition.

The tournament has grown exponentially; with sixteen teams drawn to form four groups having four teams each. The top two teams in each group advance to a knockout stage. The time has come to start filling your wallet with cash as you use the African Nations Cup final betting odds provided by the top bookmakers found at OddsDigger.

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At the finals stage, all sixteen teams drawn in each group will play a single round-robin match. Here, the top or the best team from each group advances to the quarterfinals. Quarterfinal winners will advance to play in the tournament’s semifinals. OddsDigger’s always takes all this into account when presenting you with African Cup of Nations odds. Finally, the losers in the semifinal round play the third place match while the winners play the final. For those fans that need the finest as well as the most accurate of all African Nations Cup betting odds, OddsDigger provides more details about your favorite matches. In order to familiarize yourself with all types of bets, simply click the ‘All Odds’ button to the right of the match you are interested in.

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OddsDigger has every detail about this tournament. And as such, we are able to provide football fans worldwide with the best African Nations Cup odds needed to win any bet. Every team playing in the tournament is ranked accordingly. The points given are three for a win, a point for a draw, and a zero for losing.

If there is a draw between teams in the tournament, tiebreaker rules like goal difference, the number of points, and goals scored are applied to determine the winner. What are you all waiting for? Experts at OddsDigger have genuine African Cup of Nations winner odds. This tournament is a never to miss competition where winning is guaranteed, especially if you visit OddsDigger and get odds on African Cup of Nations right now.