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Saturday 22 February 2020
Premier Division 1 draw 2
19:30 Live
Glacis United FC
Mons Calpe SC
All Odds

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Stretching back to 1905, this league forms the highest tier of football in this small British exclave. With the combined influence of England and Spain, it’s no surprise that this region has developed a vibrant football scene, and the best talent around is showcased in this tournament. Gibraltar Premier Division bets are a big business not just in the area, but in Spain and the UK as well. As a result, Gibraltar Premier Division title odds are a big business these days.

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10 teams compete, an impressive number for an area with a population of 32,000. The league helps fans and bookies get an idea of clubs’ performance, key in the run up to the exclave’s Rock Cup. As a result, Gibraltar Premier Division odds winner abound both before and during the contest. Losing teams will return to the Second Division. Use reliable Gibraltar Premier Division relegation odds if you want some idea of who will be returning empty handed.

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