Trotting Betting Odds

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best Trotting betting odds comparison for Australian punters on this pageIs It Possible to Bet on Trotting?

The short answer to the above question is “yes”. Even though it’s not exactly what you’d call a popular sport, there are punters across the world that place trotting bets on the competitions made available by bookmakers through trotting odds. If you too want to join the action, this is your chance.

Trotting Betting Odds Explained – What Are the Main Bets You Can Place?

In the process of establishing the odds for this sport, just like in any other sport, there are a lot of variables that are taken into consideration.

The most-used type of wager on this sport is the winner bet. However, experienced punters are looking for more challenging wagers and that’s why bookmakers also offer the option to wager on the exact time at the end of the race, handicap between the first and second place or even over/under bets when it comes to the time of the winner.

This sport also gives punters the possibility to place in-play wagers thanks to its format and every punter that is into live betting will be able to use OddsDigger for some high-quality trotting odds comparison for both in-play and pre-match wagers.

Trotting Betting Markets – Domestic and International

This sport can be enjoyed all over the world and, even though there might not be official competitions on this sport in all countries, there are a lot of occasions for fans to enjoy.

Australian fans of this sport can try their luck on local competitions such as the Grand Circuit, the Trotting Masters or the Inter Dominion. Races take place at least once a week, giving punters a lot of opportunities.

When switching to the international scene, this sport holds a high place yet again with big competitions such as the UE Grand Prix or the International Championships.

Where to Wager on Trotting

When looking for the best trotting betting sites, there are some things you definitely need to look for. First of all, a good welcome bonus is a must, a good coverage of internal and external competitions as well as live streaming, cash out, and other such functions to boost your experience. A bookmaker that aces every single aspect mentioned above is Betway and it also gets the OddsDigger seal of approval.