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The politics markets involve bookmakers taking wagers on the outcomes of current events. These markets are fascinating because they’re very hard to predict, even by journalists and politicians, let alone bookies. So fans can really strike it rich with a bet on politics that nobody else saw coming. The election of Donald Trump, for example, was a surprise outcome that most of the media hadn’t bargained on, but if you put a wager on that happening, you would have been looking at some very handsome returns.

The Core Political Betting Odds

Usually, these bets will involve elections, mainly for heads of state. However, they can also be found on the outcomes of votes on hot-button issues, the Brexit vote in the UK in 2016 being one of the most notorious recent examples. Obviously, the more punter familiarises themselves with politics, the more accurate their bet on political matters will be. Paying attention to trends in election strategy can also provide a boost to unlocking some great odds. If you’re looking for In-Play betting on these markets, be sure to boost your wagering by using mobile apps, comparison service from us, and live streaming to stay on top of the action at all times.

The Prime Markets

Ultimately, every country will have its own individual political odds offered by the local bookmakers. In Australia, you’ll be certain to find odds available on the prime ministerial election, such as the last one that brought Malcolm Turnbull to power. Countries with more influence, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and China, will probably be available to wager on globally. These markets are especially popular with countries like America and Great Britain that tend to have more chaotic political activity than elsewhere.

How to Access the Best Political Betting Sites

Given what’s at stake, it’s no surprise that most bookmakers will take action on politics, especially on the big elections. Both William Hill and Ladbrokes are two excellent operators for these markets and can both be trusted to provide good odds and a big range of markets. Don’t forget to check in with OddsDigger when it comes to finding the best options for political odds comparison, to make your bankroll grow further than ever before. Good luck!