Golf Betting Odds

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best Golf betting odds comparison for Australian punters on this pageIt is a popular sport in many parts of the world. Australia is one of the regions where the popularity of golf has been dwarfed by the likes of rugby and cricket. However, it still retains a huge fan following.

Getting Started with Golf Sports Betting

The international popularity enjoyed by this sport is one of the opportunities for a punter to place different kinds of bets. Almost every bookie has an interest in this sport, as there are tournaments that take place around the year. Each tournament happens to take place over a couple of days and this only extends the opportunities. Australians get different options with regard to placing money on the golf odds.

Finding the Latest Golf Odds

The underlying aspect behind any betting market is the need to find the best odds possible. One of the ways is by opting for a golf odds comparison website like OddsDigger Australia. Here, a punter can analyse the various prices on offer.

Betting on Golf Tournaments: Golf Odds Explained

The biggest market with regard to this sport happens to be outright tournament selection. The opportunity to choose the winner of the tournament happens to be quite rewarding and it is also quite easy for punters. Most of the golf tournaments possess more than 100 players. The bottom 50 players tend to receive extremely high prices, while the top 10 are quite competitive. Even then, the competitive nature of the tournaments means that golf sports betting sites are filled with odds greater than 4.00 – even for the favourite player.

Golf Betting Markets: Types & Opportunities

There are more ways to bet on golf. Bookmakers provide the option to pick the player who will finish at the top of the leaderboard on a specific day, golf match bets, top nationality, each way betting, and top 20 finish amongst many others. Among all of the betting options, the tournament winner market ranks the most popular in Australia. At the same time, punters with a lot of experience can also go with the markets like a first-round leader, top nationality, and hold in one.

Is There Domestic Golf Betting?

Punters in Australia who are into betting on golf tournaments will largely be focused on the domestic tournaments like the different masters. The Masters, Open, US PGA Championship, and US Open are the four major competitions with regard to domestic golf. Besides, there are several other domestic competitions that attract a large volume of fans, players, and punters. PGA Tour of Australasia, ALPG Tour, and Australian Amateur Championships are the main Australian competitions.

International Golf Betting Is Possible

It is also possible to bet online on international tournaments like the PGA Tour. Even though it is set predominantly in the United States, there are occasions when the tour heads out to the South American or Asian regions. They happen to bring together all the best players in the world. This in turn leads to extremely competitive prices, and there is a great need to compare golf odds regarding this tournament.

The European Tour is also an option for those interested in international competitions. Compared to the PGA Tour, more worldwide players take part in this competition. The international flavour also extends to the location of the events.

Now, golf has also made a return to the Olympics and they offer some of the added international options with regard to this sport.

A popular international tournament happens to be the Ryder Cup, which pits the top players in Europe alongside American names. This competition is played over three days and it is rather popular among punters in Australia.

Earning Money with Golf Betting

There are many strategies and tips that can be applied in order to make wagers succeed. One of the common areas is to research the form of a player when it comes to a particular tournament and their recent achievements. This can be followed by a focus on the course and the challenges that it offers to the player. Some courses tend to suit particular players and spotting these trends can help go a long way in succeeding in betting on this sport.

Where Can You Bet on Golf?

The latest golf odds are available from almost every top bookmaker in Australia. It is advisable to search for the best offers and deals. The numerous markets are provided by almost every bookmaker, who also offer multiple avenues for a punter to place the bets.

Best Bookmakers

The task of succeeding in the world of golf betting becomes much easier with the help of a top bookmaker. The process of choosing the bookmaker can be made simple by going with elements like reputation, bonus offers, and attractive prices. All things considered, some of the best options for those looking to place smart golf bets are the likes of Bet365 and William Hill. These are some of the reputed names in the business and they have been offering excellent prices on this sport for a long time.

Live Streams & Mobile Betting

There has been a profound growth when it comes to users accessing bookmakers from a mobile device. This has led to the trend of live golf odds being accessible even from mobile phones. These choices make it easier for a punter to identify value as the tournament happens. We provide in-play odds comparison right here on this page too. In order to assist a punter who is on the move, bookmakers also provide a live stream of the event. This makes it easier to stay in touch with the tournaments as they happen. Just stay with us and you will win more.