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ultimate chess betting odds comparison in  South AfricaIt is a legendary game that has been played for centuries after being developed long ago in the Arab world. It’s needed little to no updating over the years, as it’s proven to be a perfectly balanced game that challenges the greatest tactical minds of their generation. There’s never any shortage of tournaments to enjoy, and fans could get more than they bargained for when they keep an eye out for high-value chess bets.

The Key Information for Chess Betting

It is a game for two players who each start with sixteen pieces that they move on a square grid playing board. Different pieces can move in different ways, and some are more valuable than others. The game is over when a player puts their opponent’s king piece in checkmate so that whatever their next move is, their piece still gets taken. The gameplay pivots on trying to mount an offense against your opponent whilst keeping your pieces protected. It requires linear thinking and the ability to read the game several moves ahead in order to outsmart your opponent.

The Main Chess Betting Odds

Some markets here will be easily recognisable, such as the match bet, the most popular market on a three-way win/lose/draw result of a match. Then there are outright markets for the winner of a tournament, markets for what a player’s opening move will be, and over/under bets on the amount of moves it takes to win a game. The matches often take some time to complete, so if you find good In Play markets, these could potentially be a source of good value wagers. Live streaming and mobile betting can also help fans stay on top of live odds, and OddsDigger can find the best bets in real time as well.

The Biggest Markets for Chess Odds

Chess South Africa regulates the country’s tournament scene, hosting such events as the South African Open and the African Chess Championship. Internationally, the most high profile event is the World Chess Championship, followed by the European Chess Championship and the National Chess Championships. There are many more private invitationals and national leagues to enjoy to bet on chess for those prepared to go exploring.

The Top Chess Betting Sites

The bigger the tournament, the better the market coverage as a rule, but Unibet and Bwin are both bookmakers who consistently offer solid odds on an impressive selection of events. Fans should use OddsDigger to compare odds to make sure they’re always getting the best deals around and making the most of these exceptional wagering opportunities.