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Grand Slam: Australian Open Bets in 2024

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Australian Open odds comparison

Australian Open Overview

The Australian Open tennis contest is the biggest sporting event in the Southern Hemisphere. Bringing together some of the best athletes in the world, it turns Melbourne into a center of attention every January. The competition has been taking place every year since 1905, and today, the matches take place on two different hard surface courts. A number of different events make up the tournament, including events for men and women, doubles, and a number of other different options. It holds the highest attendance for any Grand Slam event and is truly regarded as a major sporting event by fans around the world, with maximum coverage for the Australian Open men’s final. As a result, it’s no surprise that there’s a huge selection of different wagering opportunities on offer for fans, including Australian Open final odds. The event receives extensive coverage around the world, and thanks to online bookmakers, there’s never been a better time to check it out. However, with so many Australian Open odds on offer, it’s not easy to find the best bets. That’s why OddsDigger provides you with the latest odds from around the world.

Australian Open Tennis Odds Are Available

There are loads of different bets on offer for fans looking to place wagers on the event. You can make use of Australian Open winner odds to place a bet on a single event and win based on the winner of one match. Generally, the most popular choice for placing these wagers is to bet on Australian Open final results. Outright odds allow you to try and predict the champion of the tournament, whether men’s or women’s, doubles or singles. You can also put together accumulator bets, where you combine several different legs into one massive bet with its own unique Australian Open tennis odds. Use over/under odds to bet on various aspects of a match. For instance, you could try and predict the number of sets that will take place in a single match. You can also use Australian Open live stream odds to place a wager at any time during a match, thanks to reliable odds comparison tools such as those provided by OddsDigger.

Bet on Australian Open Live Events

There is a number of different places fans can go in order to enjoy Australian Open betting. William Hill remains one of the biggest bookmakers in the UK, and possibly in the world. They’ve built up their business on reliable odds and a huge selection of markets. If you’re looking to place a wager on over/under Australian Open betting odds, or less standard markets, they are probably a good choice for you. Betway are another major bookmaker with a lot of great options. They’re particularly good because they offer fans a welcome bonus. This means that you can claim back a percentage of the money you put down on your first deposit. And Betfair are a good choice as they operate a reliable betting exchange. This is a form of wagering that has become popular in recent years. Essentially, you set your own odds on an event and take your pick of the markets and latest odds set by other punters.