WWE Betting Odds Comparison

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ultimate WWE betting odds comparison for New Zealand on this pageCan You Bet on WWE?

Actually, there’s a surprising amount of money available to be made from WWE betting. While the sport is most popular in the USA, it’s found its way to international audiences, including New Zealand. Recreational players will get the most kick out of this since, while most casinos do place max wager and win limits, these are pretty high for people who do this as an occasional hobby.

The reason you can bet on WWE matches is that the scripts for these events are only known by a handful a people and they protect the outcomes with their lives. The limits mentioned earlier are there in case there appears to be a script leak or, more probably, in case the WWE betting sites figure out they set a bad line for the matches. This happens since sportsbooks usually spend less time on WWE lines than more popular sports and as such, are more prone to making mistakes and they need to cover their losses.

WWE Betting Odds Explained and Main Types of Wagers

Not only is wrestling betting fun and profitable, you can also place your wagers based on some well-thought strategy. While the matches are indeed pre-written, the writers are themselves people who have certain styles and preferences when it comes to wrestling bets.

This way, you can begin to compare WWE odds and place several types of wagers as offered by various wagering sites. Besides wagering out the outright winner, called an outcome wager, you can also place wagers on the longest ring time for a character or the first to appear at an event.

Wrestling Betting Markets – Domestic and International

Even though this sport is an international phenomenon, the franchise only exists in the US and Japan right now so, unfortunately for New Zealand punters, they won’t be able to wager on any local competitions.

Switching to international betting though, the number of weekly events on WWE is simply overwhelming with shows like RAW, Royal Rumble, SmackDown or NXT more than enough to satisfy the needs of any punter.

Where Can You Bet on WWE?

As a New Zealander hankering for some good WWE betting odds, it’s hard to go wrong with Unibet since they have a long history of offering great lines and a reputation upheld by the hundreds of thousands of players which choose them for their wagering needs daily. So, take a chance to prepare your wager with OddsDigger and then head on over to Unibet for a great time.