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If there is any sport that has captured the hearts of many in New Zealand, it is rink hockey. It is a popular sport, attracting a wide following. If you are interested in wagering on the sport and are looking for valid information, then you have come to the right place because here on OddsDigger, we will provide relevant information and how to wager on the sport.

Rink Hockey Betting Markets

Considering that New Zealand and Australia pulled resources to develop the Trans-Tasman Cup, it is safe to assume that the two share the same principles on matters rink hockey. Therefore, even the markets available for wagering are the same, and these include two major ones: moneyline that covers extra-time and shootouts and 3-way that only covers regular match time. You can also wager on puckline which is similar to handicap in nature. Rink hockey betting is available on mobile, and this enables you to enjoy gambling while on the go. You may also use OddsDigger to compare in-play odds anytime. The future is now!

New Zealand Betting Options

OddsDigger is focused on providing you with relevant information on all domestic tournaments, thereby enabling you to get the matches’ schedule. The sport in New Zealand is on the rise and each year, the Nationals are taking place to determine the best team. You can then take advantage of the odds given by the bookies. To make informed wagers on international games, OddsDigger recommends that you analyse available rink hockey betting odds using our odds comparison tool. This way, you will identify the favourite teams that you can bet on and earn good money from the winnings. The International Rink Hockey Committee governs the sport on the global level and organizes World Championships that you can wager on.

Rink Hockey Betting Sites

While there are many credible sites for rink hockey betting in New Zealand, here at OddsDigger, we have identified the following sites to be the most credible for you to wager on. They include William Hill, Bet365, Winner, Bet-At-Home, Betfred, and Unibet. You can compare odds and pick the ones that work for you. All of these sites offer stunning welcome bonuses as well!