Bandy Betting Odds

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best bandy betting odds in  NigeriaThis might not be the best-known sport in certain parts of the world, but it’s only one behind ice hockey as the most popular winter sport in the world. Whilst played on ice, it has a traditional curved hockey stick and a ball, instead of a puck, and the game itself is very easy to comprehend.

The Important Facts to Bet on Bandy

Bandy is structured much like a soccer match: there are two teams of eleven players who compete in matches comprised of two 45-minute halves. All the action will be very recognisable to anyone who’s familiar with conventional ball sports, meaning it has an easy learning curve for those punters looking for fresh markets to unlock. You won’t have to watch the sport for long before you start getting a feel for the back-and-forth and can begin making wagers.

The Main Bandy Betting Odds

You’ll find bandy odds cover all the conventional markets. There’s the three-way match result (win/lose/draw), scores at halftime, over/under goal markets, first player to score, and so forth. If you’ve bet on sports like soccer or basketball, you’ll be able to get up to speed in no time. As with most wagering strategies, you’re better off looking for hidden value in the markets for big returns, rather than making safe wagers on very short odds where you don’t see much of a return on your investments. The sport is played at a fast pace, so there are great opportunities for live betting here, especially when you make the most of live streaming and mobile betting. OddsDigger can keep you completely up-to-date with the best In Play bandy bets at all times.

The Main Betting Markets

Unsurprisingly, bandy is a big hit in colder countries, with Sweden, Norway, and Russia being the countries with the best leagues. For the biggest international tournaments, the Bandy World Championship, held every year, is the one to watch: sixteen of the best countries in the world go head to head for the biggest prize in the sport. Other winter sports events such as the Winter Olympics also feature strong bandy markets.

Where to Go for the Best Bandy Betting Sites

You won’t find it everywhere, but enough of the major bookmakers, such as William Hill and Betfair, can be relied upon to cover the biggest markets. OddsDigger can compare bandy odds to ensure you’re enjoying the best value wagering. Make the most of great bandy odds comparison and unlock these exciting markets today.