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Thursday 21 November 2019
International Test Cricket 1 2
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New Zealand
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Friday 22 November 2019
International Test Cricket 1 2
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Cricket betting oddsCan You Bet on Cricket? Large Punters’ Audience

Cricket enjoys great popularity in Asia, while its popularity increases in the rest of the world. Punters like to place their wagers on those matches, especially on the big test series and one-day internationals events. But, the cricket has been taken to a higher level after the emergence of the 20/20 format. It made Indian Premier League the most attractive competition in the world for the best players in this sport. This page will give you more background on the sport itself, how the cricket betting works, and which are the best opportunities of snatching profits from your wagers.

There are various possibilities of cricket betting and sometimes it can be hard to select the winning options. If you like the longer form of the game, then Test matches should be in your focus. You may wager on series outcomes, winners, batsman highest runs or the bowler with the highest wickets. You may also apply game-by-game or day-by-day approach. However, if you are a fan of one-day immediacy, then 20/20 is the right choice. You can put your money on which two batsmen will have the highest partnership or who you think will score the most sixes.

Get the Best Cricket Odds: Compare and Find the Best Odds Around

Punters have plenty of options available when it comes to cricket betting, which is, of course, a great thing. It is similar to football and the possibilities of wagering are almost limitless. You are the one to make the choice, from wagering on who you think will win to the teams’ or players’ stats parameters in the game.

For the ones who are new to this kind of wagering, this page will help you understand the basics of online betting on cricket. However, for more experienced ones, we are looking to sharpen your mind and help you improve your game. Anyways, OddsDigger Kenya gives you the possibility of cricket odds comparison so you don’t need to browse different sites in order to find your picks. We’ll help you in the selection of the best cricket bets. Besides that, you may find the latest news and match previews as well, which makes us the best site for online betting on cricket in Kenya.

Cricket Betting Odds Explained: Pick Your Winning Strategy

The single bet is probably the most popular strategy in cricket wagering. Between two teams that are facing each other, one of them is always marked as a favorite. However, it can be tricky to apply this strategy in a long term since there is a possibility that at one point favorite won’t celebrate a win. In that case, you can lose all hard-earned profits and you’ll need to return to the starting point. The main catch is that, obviously, the cricket odds on strong favorite are usually low and you need to put multiple wagers with a high stake in order to enjoy decent returns. So, this kind of wagering probably won’t bring real value to your bank in a long term.

Cricket Betting Markets: Explore All Ways for Winning

There are a lot of other options and strategies on how you can boost your returns with cricket bets. A good option would be putting money on over/under line, which is also one of the traditional ones. You can also apply this to how many sixes or boundaries will be hit. Accumulator option is also good to use, especially for the events where there are multiple clashes to wager on, such as Cricket World Cup.

Domestic Cricket Betting: Market Is Expanding

In Kenya, cricket enjoys big popularity. There are clubs in all major cities. Domestic cricket competition in Kenya is known as Zonal League and attracts a lot of fans. Cricket has a solid base of punters which are putting their money on these events. A few sportsbooks have major events included in their regular offers and you can choose between a wide range of markets. Cricket betting could become more popular in the years to come.

International Cricket Betting: Great Popularity Among Punters

As one of the major sports worldwide, cricket enjoys a widespread presence everywhere except North America and the Far East. Online cricket betting market is huge in the countries such are India, Pakistan, England, Australia, New Zealand, and West Indies. The 20\20 format keeps growing, it became the most popular format and there are plenty of domestic leagues in all of the mentioned nations which are extremely recognizable by punters. International competitions to bet on include Cricket World Cup‎, ICC Champions Trophy, ICC World Twenty20, etc.

Why Cricket Betting Can Be Profitable? Start Making Constant Profits

You should take into consideration several variables before choosing your favorite pick. The punter needs to check the form, line-ups, and schedule in order to find the best cricket bets. If you miss the chance of putting money on your favorite pick before the game has started, online sportsbooks include in their offers live cricket betting odds and you can get the most out of the online cricket betting.

Where Can You Bet on Cricket?

All top bookmakers include cricket events in their offers and you can choose from a variety of markets. OddsDigger Kenya gives you the opportunity to compare the odds from all markets and helps you find the best value cricket betting odds. We will improve your online betting for cricket since you have everything you need in one place. All you need to do is to make your choices according to your preferable strategy. Kenyan bookmakers are Betpawa, 1xBet Kenya, Betin Kenya but you can also choose to place your bets at big international sportsbooks.

The Best Bets/Bookmakers: Get the Advantage of Promotional Offers

There are a plenty of online betting sites for cricket where you can find the best wagers. OddsDigger Kenya is one of them since we are the leading and one-stop website for online betting on cricket in Kenya. Currently, the most popular bookie among the punters’ population is Betway and they are well-known for their prompt payouts and excellent customer service. You may also find a wide range of bonuses, free bets, and deals which give you more opportunities for maximizing your profits from online cricket betting.

Live-stream and Mobile Betting: Don’t Miss a Thing

If you want to stay with the game all the way, then live-stream option becomes the essential tool. Nowadays, all major online bookmakers stream the events to your desktop and mobile devices and serious punters use these tools on a regular basis. You just need to open an account with your selected bookie and the events are just one click away. Just check the terms and conditions before starting to use these features in case additional fees apply and you need to deposit certain funds. This option is extremely useful if you want to place in-play cricket wagers and it can make the difference between losing and winning. On our pages, you may check which bookie offers this tool.