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Australian Rules Betting Odds Comparison for Best Bets

OddsDigger Kenya is your one-stop site for the latest betting odds and your best Australian Rules bets. You are wondering why? Well, on our pages, you can compare all trending odds and therefore increase your profits. It’s easy to use and free of charge!

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Australian Rules betting oddsCan You Bet on Australian Rules? What Is Aussie Rules?

Australian Rules is the number one sport in the country and one of the fastest developing team sports in the world. As a consequence, more and more bookies include Australian Rules events in their offers. Aussie rules football becomes popular not only among Australian bettors but also among the punters all over the world.

Australian Rules is a unique sports discipline which is marketed through the Australian Football League. It pulls origins from 1859 when a group of students in Melbourne started playing their own version of Rugby on the modified cricket field. Fast growing technology and the internet brought this sport into the homes of sports fans all around the globe. Therefore, as the popularity of Aussie rules, as it is also called, increases outside Australia, online sportsbooks are offering a variety of markets for the punters. So, the obvious answer to the question above is yes, otherwise this page wouldn’t exist. Stay tuned and find out more about Australian Rules betting.

Get the Best Australian Rules Odds: Easily Compare Footy Odds from All Markets

As we are the site which is always up to date with all trends in the world of betting, on OddsDigger’s Kenya pages you can find a lot of valuable information for your footy betting. Different advanced features are at your disposal, from the most powerful odds comparison tool to the reliable betting advice and match predictions. You don’t need to search various sites for finding footy betting odds as we bring them all at one place. You will enjoy your Australian Rules betting thanks to us, and it won’t cost you a penny!

Australian Rules Betting Odds Explained: What You Need to Know About Aussie Rules Odds

Australian Rules betting is evolving all the time and now there are a lot of different wagers you can place on winning teams, margins, players, Grand Final winner, and others. Wagering on individual games, AFL premiership, Rising Star, and even on some novelty markets has become available to you. Another thing to remember is the fact that Australians mostly use the decimal odds system and often mistakenly put an Australian dollar sign in front of the odds. If you are not from Australia, it might be very confusing for you.

Australian Rules Betting Markets: A Number of Unique Strategies

Aussie Rules betting market has become pretty wide and any kind of punter can find something according to their preferences. Except for classic Match Winner markets, you can also find handicaps and points spread markets. You can also find footy final odds and place a wager on the next winner of the AFL. Besides these, Aussie Rules offer some unique markets such as The wooden spoon, Top Victorian Team, Top Non-Victorian Team, To Make Grand Final or To Win The Flag.

Domestic Australian Rules Betting: Newly Introduced Market

You can find the Australian football odds and place footy wagers at several online sportsbooks in Kenya. Although this sport has been recently introduced, it has a punters base which is expected to grow in the time to come. This will enhance more possibilities and introduce new markets to the domestic footy betting stage.

International Australian Rules Betting: Diverse Markets Available

The market on the international stage is very diverse and you can find featured events offered by all top bookmakers around the world. We would highlight Bet365's over/under Aussie rules betting market which gives you the chance to bet on the overall points total in a match instead of trying to pick an outright match winner. There are typically 150-200 points scored per game, so Bet365 usually offer around 180 points for the market, depending on which teams are in action and how likely they are to score or concede big points totals.

Why Australian Rules Betting Can Be Profitable? Carefully Pick Your Bets

Australia is a very demanding continent because of its geography. The distances between two closest towns can be counted in thousands of miles and you should be aware of that before picking your best footy bets. Another good thing to do is to observe the changes in the squads of the teams as well as the changes in the coaching staff. An important factor in betting on a league game in every sport is the schedule. It is good to look through the match dates, look for a team you want to bet on or for interesting games like rivalries. With the help of the schedule, you can almost decide the results of the upcoming fixtures. By using these techniques, you should be able to increase the chance of picking your winner tips and get the most out of the Australian Rules odds.

Where Can You Bet on Australian Rules?

Aussie rules events are being offered by all knowledgeable bookmakers around the world. If you love your footy, you can now join some of the top sportsbooks sites to set up an account and bet from the comfort of your own home or office. That means less time waiting and more time wagering. It doesn’t get much better than that.

The Best Bets/Bookmakers: Find the Best Value Odds

Your betting strategy will be your biggest reference for picking the best bookmaker. You can find the offers at any top bookmaker, but the biggest question is which one of them is offering the best footy bets? You can find it out easily by using OddsDigger’s Kenya odds comparison tool. Within seconds, you can get an insight of all available markets and choose the best value odds. After that, you don’t need to navigate away from our pages since you can place a wager at one of our participating bookies.

Live-stream and Mobile Betting: Increase Profits with Live Betting

Now it is very easy to find the sites that are offering live streaming of Aussie rules events on a desktop and mobile devices. This has become an essential tool for all punters since it enables you to always stay with the game. Just create an account with the selected websites, but prior to that, you should check if additional fees and deposits are required. Check out our pages and you can see which bookies have the streaming option available. You can even enjoy live betting and maximize your returns by following each step of your favorite teams.