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Warcraft 3 ESports Bets December 2023

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Warcraft 3 is developed by Blizzard Entertainment and was released to the public back in July 2002. It’s the third game in the Warcraft series and it also got an expansion pack called The Frozen Throne in July 2003. The game has 4 races that players can choose from: humans, orcs, undead, and night elves. The game has some similarities with StarCraft in its single player campaign based on the fact that you first have to finish the game with one race in order to be able to play with the next one.

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Warcraft 3 Betting Odds And Markets

Even though it already enjoyed more than 15 years of existence, Warcraft 3 is still being played in a lot of eSports tournaments all around the world. This automatically means that big sportsbooks include Warcraft 3 betting odds in their offers. And if William Hill, Pinnacle or Betway aren’t big sportsbooks, no one is. Similar to other eSports, this strategy game offers various betting markets. The most common is placing wagers on who will win a match or an entire tournament but there are other more special markets like which team will have the most casualties.

No Need To Chase The Odds All Over The Internet

In case you’re a fan of the game and you also like to do some occasional gambling, then you’re very much in luck. OddsDigger gives you all Warcraft 3 odds and major events schedules so you won’t miss a thing.

Best WC3 Players

When checking for Warcraft 3 real money odds, you should also take into consideration the best players out there so you can devise a good strategy regarding your gambling. Well, just like StarCraft, this game is dominated by players from South Korea and China. The best player in the world right now goes by the ID of Moon and with 5 WC3 trophies under his belt, there’s nothing more to be said.