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Rocket League ESports Bets December 2023

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Rocket League is a very popular video game that had the crazy idea to combine football with vehicles giving the world one of the most addictive games ever. It’s not the first time someone tries that, however, Psyonix really managed to do it awesomely.

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How To Bet Using The Odds On Rocket League

Before jumping into placing wagers on RL, you must first understand the way the game works. Not that you need special training or anything, it’s basically cars that push a football towards the opposite goal. There can be up to 4 players in each team and the betting markets made available are almost as many as with real football. You can try to bet on the exact score, on who will win, if it’s going to be a draw or who will score first. There are countless options as long as you know all the RL odds.


Main Events That Include RL

If you want to watch some really awesome Rocket League games, then you should definitely not miss the RLCS or the ThrowdownTV: Rocket League Challenge. These are just two of the main events that attract a lot of players and media. Of course, there are other, smaller events, however, these are not found in the major sportsbooks’ offers when it comes to Rocket League betting odds.

Top Rocket League Players

Here’s another chance for Europeans to take first place in rankings for an eSports. It’s not a mystery for anyone that Asian players tend to dominate rankings in most of the competitions. Well, since football is not such a popular sport in Asia yet, the best Rocket League player comes from Italy – seems fitted since they were a big football power back in the day. The top 3 is completed by a player from the UK and another one from the Netherlands. Rocket League real money odds attract a lot of bettors who want to back their favourite players.