WWE Betting Odds

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best WWE betting odds comparison for Australian punters on this pageWWE has been expanding in popularity and is now broadcast in most territories globally, with the company working hard to broaden its appeal. While the action is scripted, the outcomes of events are tightly guarded secrets designed to keep the fans guessing. For this reason, bookmakers have less advantage when it comes to setting odds on WWE bets, so fans can find some real bargains here.

The Crucial Details for WWE Betting

Pro wrestling is an entertainment spectacle where larger than life personalities perform pre-scripted matches in a unique combination of theatre and acrobatics. Fans tune in to see the high-flying action and gripping storylines, and the markets on wrestling betting focus on these storylines. You’ll find a big spread of markets, but it’s absolutely crucial that you follow the product to help predict the outcomes of an event.

The Main Types of WWE Betting Odds

So much can happen over a wrestling match that you’ll find a lot of different wager types to bet on WWE matches. Straight punt is the most popular, which is simply a wager on who will win a match. After that, there are markets as diverse as celebrity cameos, longest man in the ring, first-time winner of an event or championship, most wrestlers eliminated, and so forth. Different matches have different formats, which will have their own specific wager types as well.

The Biggest Markets for WWE Odds

WWE has multiple weekly programmes, as well as longer pay-per-view events that function as the brand’s flagship competitions. The biggest event on the calendar is Wrestlemania, where the company is expected to deliver the most explosive action and set the tone for the brand for the coming year. After this is SummerSlam, another massive event, then the Royal Rumble, where the titular match is a massive battle royale elimination taking in upwards of 30 wrestlers, with fighters trying to eliminate each other whilst being the last man standing to get a title shot at Wrestlemania. This is an example of a match that will have a lot of special betting markets tailored to the particular format. In Play betting is a big draw here, and fans can follow the action with live streaming and mobile betting whilst using OddsDigger to grab the best live odds.

Best WWE Betting Sites

Wrestling odds are increasingly popular, with more bookmakers getting on board with the action. Bet365 offer great coverage with solid odds. However, to ensure the best wrestling bets, fans should always compare WWE odds before making a wager. OddsDigger can bring you the best deals, whatever the match, and ensure you stand the chance of winning the highest possible returns from these highly entertaining markets.