Snooker Betting Odds

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best Snooker betting odds comparison for Australian punters on this pageIt may not be the most athletically-challenging sport around, but it’s a game that requires a phenomenal amount of skill from players at the highest levels. The sport has really gone global in the last decade or so, seeing interest surge, particularly in China, which now produces some of the best players in the world.

The Critical Information for Snooker Betting

The games are comprised of a series of “frames”, that is, two players trying to pot balls off the table for maximum value whilst trying to keep their opponent cut off from any big potting opportunities. Red balls have to be potted for one point before players can hit coloured balls that are worth a varying amount of extra points, which are returned to the table after they are potted. Once all the red balls have been potted, the players attempt to pot the coloured balls which then stay off the table, with the match ending once the black ball has been potted.

The Main Variations of Snooker Betting Odds

There’s a host of different kinds of betting odds available. There’s match result, where you pick who wins or loses, over/under results on frames won, frame handicap betting, correct score, outright tournament results, centuries won, and so forth. As with many markets, the key to extracting value here is doing research and then investing in markets where you can see a big return on a small stake. The matches traditionally take some time to complete, so there are good opportunities for flexible wagering on In Play markets, which is easier when you take advantage of live streaming and mobile betting. OddsDigger Australia can put the best value live betting snooker odds in the palm of your hand in real time, so be sure to check you’re always getting the best odds possible.

The Main Sporting Markets for Snooker Odds

For Australia, there’s the Oceania Snooker Championship, Australian National Snooker Championship, plus regional tournaments from state to state. Internationally, the major tournaments are known as the Triple Crown: the Masters, World Championship, and UK Championship. These are where you’ll find the finest talent in the world competing. For less prestigious markets, England and China both feature very vibrant regional scenes you may be able to explore opportunities with.

How to Find a Snooker Betting Site

It’s easy to find great markets to bet on snooker when you use OddsDigger. This powerful aggregate tool can compare snooker odds from the top bookmakers to ensure you’re getting the best deals on your bets. Such bookies as William Hill and Unibet always provide exceptional odds and are available in Australia. For free and effective snooker odds comparison to help you unlock the markets, look no further.