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X Factor odds: possible candidates for elimination

OddsDigger Tips Team
X Factor odds: possible candidates for elimination"

Ready to leave?

After a rather fantastic signoff previous week, Honey G is the first candidate to leave X Factor show this week. She did not apply any efforts on Sunday night, so she hopes to win the show may remain just her dreams. But she proceeds to be the object of numerous talks and this can be the reason for keeping her in the project.

The next candidate for the same destiny of eliminating X Factor project is Saara Aalto, whose role in the show is even smaller, and producers even try to hint about the possible leaving. She is the only participant who is not supposed to enter the final and with no hopes of winning. That is why we are sure that she would be eliminated either this week or the following one in the semi-final. Therefore, we suggest the bet 3/1 for her to go this Sunday.

Then comes Emily Middlemas at 6/1. There was a sign off previous week between her and boyfriend Ryan Lawrie, who seems to cut loose. Lawrie left, not because her support was stronger or she is a worthy candidate for the final. Nevertheless, it is supposed that after his leaving the Scottish vote will unite around her.

5 After Midnight eliminating betting odds are 10/1. But in comparison to Emily’s chances, they took the third position after Honey G and Saara before the results of last Sunday. As you can see, they were closer to the danger zone but the market has some other plans for the following Sunday.

If producers play…

However, there is a possibility that producers can help Honey G this week, putting Saara against 5 After Midnight. It’s a pity that there are not such prices on offer, but they can be worth attention. If this situation arose this Sunday, although Finn’s vocals are stronger, but this is going to be her 4th signoff while the boy has only the 1st signoff appearance. This is the first factor that can cause judges’ desire to keep them. The second factor is that a boyband is a better commercial proposition beyond the final.

The last contestant Matt Terry, who received The Chosen One Treatment last Sunday, has 8/15 to win the series. It is possible that producers will continue promoting him. He is the only participant who is difficult to imagine at bottom two next Sunday.