Jose Mourinho: The FA Cup is not as important as the League of Europe for us

The head coach of the football club Manchester United, Jose Mourinho, admitted that the match with Chelsea in the quarterfinals of the FA Cup is inferior in the importance to the European League matches with Rostov, and Chelsea has more chances to win the FA Cup.

"I think now Chelsea is thinking only about the FA Cup and the match with us because they have already won the championship and are not fighting for anything," says Mourinho ahead of Manchester United's visit to west London on Monday in the FA Cup quarter-finals. “The cup is something important for them.”

Mourinho, nicknamed The Special One, had previously won a lot of trophies with Chelsea. However, now the Portuguese thinks more about European competition than about the FA Cup.


In the championship of England, Manchester United takes the 6th place. They are very close to the 4th place, giving them the right to play in the qualification of the Champions League. But in the struggle for this cherished position, there are several teams that are not inferior to the MU in strength. The struggle will be dense and unpredictable. At the same time, as it is known, the winner of the Europa League goes to the group stage of the Champions League directly. And the composition of the teams in that tournament is weaker than in the Premier League.

The FA Cup could be the tournament that United is going to sacrifice because they simply have to get into the Champions League. Without the Cup, their calendar will become freer and there will not be such a "gag" as it is now.

Indeed, the upcoming week for the team is difficult to envy. On Monday – the quarterfinals match of the FA Cup with Chelsea, on Thursday – the "answer" in the League of Europe with Rostov, on Sunday – the game of the championship of England with Middleborough. If all the tournaments are taken seriously, the leading players will not have enough strength.

“Worst of all, we do not have time to prepare for this match. However, it's not Chelsea's fault that they do not participate in European competition but that's what allows them to be in better condition.”

Jose Mourinho and Chelsea

Many consider tomorrow's cup match at the Stamford Bridge to be the principle for Jose Mourinho, former coach of Chelsea. Moreover, in autumn in the championship of England MU was bitterly beat 0:4. So, observers argue that for Mourinho tomorrow's match is a matter of honor. But we do not think so. The task of getting into the Champions League after all is a priority for Jose. And he will still have time for revenge.

“This is just another game for me. Will it be sadder for me to lose to Chelsea than to any other team? No. Will I be happier if I win against Chelsea? Also no," Mourinho comments.

“I have friends at Chelsea – we are friends before and after the game,” Mourinho confessed. “As for the match, it's just another fight for me”.

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