Triumphant return of Barcelona

Barcelona has forever entered its name in the history of the Champions League, beating PSG 6: 1 at home at the stadium Nou Camp after the defeat 0: 4 in the first game of ⅛ final in Paris. For any other team, this would be an impossible task, but not for Barcelona. Already by the 50th minute, the Catalans were leading with three balls.

How did the players, coaches and the world react to the result of one of the greatest fights in the history of European football?

"Hoping to the last"

The deafening strong-willed victory of Barcelona over Paris, which the Champions League has not seen before, is "just insane, it's incredible," said midfielder of the Catalans Ivan Rakitic after the game.

"It was simply impossible," added the Croat. And his coach Luis Enrique remembered how the defeat in the first match "put him on his knees."

Barcelona had to play the gap in four goals, and the first three it scored thanks to the efforts of Luis Suárez, Andreas Iniesta and Lionel Messi. At the end of the first hour of the game, Edinson Cavani seemed to have buried the hopes of the Catalans with an accurate goal, but the Brazilian striker Barca Neymar had very different plans for the evening.

At the 88th minute, he brilliantly executed the penalty kick, three minutes later scored a penalty, and in the added time with his accurate transfer, Sergi Roberto scored the winning goal. The biggest stadium in Europe, Nou Camp, exploded in ecstasy.

"I think we did not lose hope until the last," said Enrique, "we noticed that they did not go ahead after the goal, and we played incredibly. We put everything at stake, and it worked. Sometimes football gives us such interchanges, and this time it was our turn. Achievements of this magnitude help everyone, and I am happy that I have experienced this. The key was our effectiveness. "

The midfielder Andres Iniesta of Barcelona was recognised as the best player in the return match against PSG.

The player was not noted for productive actions and was replaced in the 65th minute of the match. At the same time, the player took an important part in the second and third goals of the team, which broke the course of the meeting.

After the kick of Iniesta, Kurzawa scored the ball into his own goal and made the score 2: 0. In the episode with the third goal, Neymar earned a penalty after the transfer of Iniesta.

"Adult people were crying with happiness"

The winning goal flew into the net in the 95th minute - and the stadium exploded with pure, ecstatic ecstasy.

Nou Camp roared, everyone around jumped in ecstasy, shouted and kissed. Adult people sobbed with happiness, strangers rushed into each other's arms.

And as rarely happens in modern sports, this holiday had neither a script nor a stage director. And there was only a deep, elemental passion of the purest spill. Unconscious, bare ecstasy, which cannot be expressed in words.

It is these rare moments that make you love sports.

The Greatest Comebacks in Sport

Ivan Rakitic compared the match of Barcelona and PSG with the Super Bowl 2017. New England Patriots lagged almost the entire game from Atlanta Falcons, but in the final part was able to reverse the course of the match. In the overtime, New England managed to snatch the victory with a score of 34:28.

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