Louis Vuitton Cup retained the New Zealand residence permit

The trophy is in their hands and a thirst for revenge is in their thoughts. New Zealand syndicate Emirates Team New Zealand won the Louis Vuitton Cup, beating the Swedish team Artemis in the final with a score of 5:2. In the only race on Monday, 26-year-old Peter Burling and his crew immediately seized the advantage and won the rivals for almost a minute.


On the first day of the finals of the playoff series, the teams showed a spectacular fight. In the first Saturday race, the Swedes first came to the starting line, having managed to develop a good speed and were ahead of the contenders for three lengths of the boat. But already at the first lower gate New Zealanders were able to reduce the distance to only 5 seconds. Then Artemis made a mistake, going beyond the border of the course and earning a penalty. As a result, the victory went to the Kiwi.

In the second race, Nathan Outteridge won the start again, having managed to take the leeward side. Approaching the first mark, he continued to displace the Kiwi boat on the windward side successfully. Throughout the race, Burling kept right behind Outtridge, hoping he could outrun the Swede at a speed. But Nathan and his tactician Iain Percy did their best to remain between New Zealand and the next mark, pushing the "dirty" air into the sail-wing of the Kiwi. The result of their efforts is a victory with a 15-second advantage.

The fate of the third race was decided by an accident: running to the other side, the skipper of Artemis Racing slipped from the stern of his catamaran when the boat made a turn and found himself in the water. As a result, the race, in which Artemis was in the lead with minimal advantage, was lost, and the score was 2:1 in favour of the Kiwi.

On Sunday, Team New Zealand managed to strengthen its leadership by winning two of the three races. The victories were not easy for New Zealanders: in the last match, they won against Artemis for only a second.

Race 7

The main question - who will become the rival of the Cup holders - was to decide on Monday. The first team, who scored 5 points, went to the final. New Zealanders had to win the first race, which they did. The weather was at the mercy of Team New Zealand with a weak wind at the border of a permissible 6 knots. Organisers even had to postpone the race that had already started because of the lack of wind. When the race started for the second time, the Kiwi managed to take a strong position from the leeward on the approach to the start. For the first time in three days of the final playoff series, the team of Peter Burling managed to round the first sign first. The advantage at the first gate was 19 seconds. During the race, it grew to almost a minute at the finish. The Kiwis were faster than rivals in weak wind conditions.

Having won the Louis Vuitton Cup, the New Zealanders got the right to fight against Oracle for the America's Cup. In the last cycle, the team New Zealand was leading against the Americans in the final with a score of 8:1, but eventually lost 8:9. This year, the final duel is up to 7 wins, while the Oracle will already have one point of the handicap.

The America's Cup starts next Saturday, June 17th. Team New Zealand will fight against Oracle Team USA for the right to own the Cup. After the Kiwis were defeated in 2013 by the Americans, who managed to turn the score 1:8 in favour of the opponents in 9:8 in their favour, Team New Zealand was completely rebuilt. From the last composition was only the trimmer of the sail-wing Glenn Ashby remained. "We feel that we are now in a great shape to defeat Oracle Team USA," said New Zealand skipper Peter Burling. “Artemis Racing were great rivals. They pulled us very hard. They prepared us well before the Cup final. "

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