Multi-sport Poland World Games 2017: Preview & Latest News

The 2017 World Games will be moving to the Polish shores for the 2017 edition. It is one of the growing multi-sport events in the world. First held in 1981, it takes place every four years across various destinations in the world. Incidentally, it occurs just a year after the conclusion of the Olympic Games.

Different Types of Sports

Some of the various games that are included in the World Games Poland are bodybuilding, powerlifting, acrobatic gymnastics, squash, billiards, dance sport, korfball, and water skiing.

There is a limitation when it comes to the types of games at this event and it is largely down to the lack of facilities at the host stadium/city. The World Games Wroclaw do not require the construction of new venues.

Success at World Games

Italy are the most successful team when it comes to the World Games after having lifted 394 medals. The United States come a close second with 359 medals. The difference is much lower in the case of gold medals alone. Italy come into the World Games 2017 with 137 gold medals as opposed to the United States’ tally of 135 gold medals.

2017 World Games Wroclaw Preview

The World Games Poland will be held at various venues including the Stadion Miejski and Olympic Stadium. The venue will depend on the type of sporting event. Stadion Miejski will be responsible only for the opening ceremony. Events like acrobatic gymnastics and dancesport will be held at the Centennial Hall while American football and motorcycle speedway will take place at the Olympic Stadium. The World Games 2017 event will be held from July 20 till July 30.

Italy are once again expected to be the dominant force in the World Games. The Italians dominated the 2013 edition in terms of the gold medals with 18 compared to Russia’s 17. However, the latter managed to win the overall count with 53 medals compared to Italy’s 49. The United States finished in a disappointing sixth place and most experts back the Italians for most of the events. Some of the sports where they could shine at the World Games 2017 are boules, artistic roller skating, and lifesaving. The United Kingdom ranks 6th when it comes to the total gold medal count in the 2013 edition.

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