Lewis Hamilton is the 2017 Japanese Grand Prix Winner

The latest F1 news is that things are looking set for Lewis Hamilton considering that the F1 results show he is best placed to win the World Championship at the next US Formula 1 Grand Prix, and this is after winning the F1 Japanese Grand Prix 2017. Following the massive win at the Japanese 2017 Grand Prix, the Mercedes champion is now within the touching distance of bagging a fourth F1 world title.

He is one of the favourite racing professionals who appeals to both fans and bettors because of his consistency in winning championships, hence, earning loads of money for those who wager on him. You can find some of the best Formula One tips, previews, and betting odds comparisons right here at OddsDigger.

Lewis Hamilton – 2017 Japanese Grand Prix Winner

Lewis Hamilton started on the pole and had an easy win, despite the challenging pressure put on him by Red Bull’s Max Verstappen. If Lewis had faltered even for a little bit, the trophy would have gone to the Red Bull, seeing that they took position 2 and 3, which is still a pretty impressive performance considering the competitive nature of this motor sport. Verstappen pursued Hamilton, and at some point, the German racer was just 0.2 seconds behind the Briton, who relied on the effectiveness of the backmarkers to put the competition at bay.

Vettel’s Early Retirement

The 2017 Japanese Grand Prix winner Hamilton gained a commanding 59-point lead on the leaderboard following Sebastian Vettel’s early retirement from the race due to a problem with his Ferrari spark plug. The German professional racer was pulled out of the race by mechanics during Lap 5 and this was an advantage for Hamilton as it propelled him clearly ahead of the park with a commanding 59-point lead with only four races remaining.

Only six weeks ago, Ferrari was on top of the table with Vettel leading the championship, so it is quite astonishing that Ferrari’s campaign has somewhat collapsed. You can get more F1 odds from OddsDigger if you enjoy betting on the sport. Kimi Raikkonen, Vettel’s teammate, did not have much luck either. The Finnish professional racer had a bad run at the race. First, he lost a few places after being forced wide during the first couple of laps, but he tried to make his way back into the race.

With his latest win at the Japanese Grand Prix, Hamilton has taken a major step towards clinching another world championship title, considering that he is now 59 points in the lead with only four races to go.

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