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10 Facts About Crypto Sports Betting Sites That Will Impress All Punters

As a result, it is now possible for players to deposit and withdraw money using a variety of cryptocurrencies on crypto sports betting sites. Doing so has many advantages, such as enabling quick and highly secure transactions from trusted bookies suggested here.

Casinos have now adopted cryptocurrencies in their sportsbook departments, allowing every bettor to place wagers using their preferred cryptocurrencies. These days, the most popular cryptocurrencies used in sports betting are Bitcoin (41.9%) and Ethereum (19.4%). Other popular cryptocurrencies available for wagering are Bitcoin Cash (0.6%), Litecoin (0.58%), and Dash (0.1%). According to major statistic cryptocurrency sites, 337 players bet every second with great coins, which is a very high rate.

About Bitcoin Sports Betting

Gamblers can earn rewards in many areas of the betting industry, but sports betting is the most popular one. This option accounts for between 30 and 40 percent of the worldwide betting market. Furthermore, many sports are worldwide, but we want to highlight the top five frequent Bitcoin sports betting options.

It is hardly surprising that soccer ranks first on the list, given that 70% of bets worldwide are related to soccer. Because the NFL accounted for about half of all wagers placed in the USA, American Football is ranked second. Over 1 billion players bet on Wimbledon, and nearly $10 billion bets were on the March Madness basketball tournament. In terms of cricket, the 2019 Cricket World Cup saw a total of $22 million wagered on one match.

The Exciting Bitcoin Sports Betting Features

There are numerous Bitcoin betting options. Most of the time, to play games, you must deposit real money. Additionally, it would be wise to do some advanced study on any idiosyncrasies if there is a prohibition on legal sports betting in your nation. However, problems with fiat currencies and their use are becoming more apparent. As a result, many betting enthusiasts now prioritize Bitcoin sports betting.

These and other factors contribute to the continued global expansion of Bitcoin sports betting platforms. In this piece, we'll give you and other bettors ten amazing facts about Bitcoin sports betting sites:

1. Bitcoin betting entails uninterrupted access to all of your resources.

Due to the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies, a single user is now responsible for managing resources. No outside parties, like banks, are permitted to look inside a cryptocurrency owner's wallet. Additionally, you can rapidly switch to another wallet provider if you don't like how the current one runs.

2. Compared to other forms of betting, Bitcoin Sports Betting is more Transparent.

Every aspect of your game is documented on public blockchains when you use cryptocurrency to wager online. Before the game begins, the officials state all the regulations. And if you succeed, nobody can reverse your victory or alter the public blockchain records to indicate that you lost.

3. Traditional betting Is More Expensive Than Bitcoin Betting.

It would be best if you made all other transactions related to a previous crypto bet using cryptocurrency. No one can intercept your transactions once the money is in the casino wallet. When you cash out your cryptocurrency assets, you keep all of them. Therefore, no one may hinder your transactions or impose fees.

4. Bitcoin Betting Is Faster Than Traditional Betting

The processing of deposits by Bitcoin casinos only takes a few minutes. However, due to transaction confirmations, withdrawals could take up to several days. Transactions still take a few minutes or even a few seconds with many Bitcoin resources.

5. Traditional Betting is less anonymous than Cryptocurrency Betting.

For many consumers, sharing their personal and financial information on conventional sports betting platforms can be a hassle. Because cryptocurrency transactions are decentralized, avoiding third intermediaries is simple. In addition, security and anonymity are available with a technology known as blockchain contract.

6. Bitcoin Betting Is More Accessible Than Traditional Betting

An internet connection is all you need to place a wager on your laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Of course, there must also be a wallet containing some cryptocurrency. It will also be simple to start playing for more once you receive your initial payouts from the sports betting sites. So, if you can only play online, there is no need to leave your house.

7. The Returns on Crypto Betting Are High

There are numerous high-return games and sustained incentives at online sports betting platforms. So, cryptocurrency is your best bet if you enjoy gambling for generous sums of money. And every game can be handled shrewdly and competently, regardless of your level of experience.

8. Bitcoin Betting Is Safe

All of your transactions when playing with cryptocurrency have protection from blockchain technology. That ensures truthful outcomes and the lack of any wrongdoing on the part of the casino. Additionally, no crackers or hackers will take your valuable resources. The technology behind the blockchain is just as complicated as that used by financial organizations and armed forces.

9. Crypto Betting Is Convenient

If you wager online using fiat currency, it could take many days before your money appears on your card. Additionally, there are other drawbacks of conventional sports betting sites. There are no limitations or restrictions on how, when, or where you can gamble with real money when you play at Bitcoin sports betting sites.

10. Bitcoin Betting Offers A Lot Of Bonuses And Promotions

An incredible 0% house edge is the biggest bonus to employ when betting on sports using Bitcoin. It is a gift from above for each participant. Every user also receives perks and promotions that are unavailable on conventional sites.


All you need for a wholesome gambling experience is a simple cryptocurrency wallet and a reliable bookie. This piece has mentioned all the benefits of using Bitcoin sports betting sites and why we can trust them. Therefore, you must now hop on the wheel of Bitcoin gambling to enjoy these features.

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