Nadal won the Roland Garros for the tenth time

In the French Open finals, Nadal did not leave a chance to Stan Wawrinka - 6:2, 6:3, 6:1. Nadal won a victory in the Grand Slam tournament - 15th in his career, for the first time since 2014. The Spaniard became the first player in the history of the Open Era, who won this championship 10 times. According to this indicator, he is the second only to Roger Federer.

In total, Rafael won his 15th major. Prior to this, the last victory of the native of Manacor was dated to Roland Garros-2014. This year, Nadal could already replenish his impressive collection, but in the final of Australian Open lost to Roger Federer.

French Open

The apogee of the dirt season was the final of the French Open in the men's singles, in which Rafael Nadal and Stan Wawrinka met. Before the decisive match, the Spaniard beat all his rivals, not having given a single set and losing only 29 games. He updated his own record (in 2012, the 31-year-old tennis player lost 35 games), but he could not beat the legendary Swede Bjorn Borg, who in 1978, before the final, lost 27 games at Roland Garros.

Wawrinka looked no less impressive in French courts and encountered the only difficulty in the semifinals during the game with the first racket of the world Andy Murray. The Swiss and the Briton figured out the relationship for more than four hours, but Wawrinka came out the winner of this duel, although inferior to the parties with a score of 1:2. At 32, he became the oldest finalist of the tournament since 1973.

Nadal stood on the verge of his tenth victory in Paris, and the statistics showed that Rafael would win it because he has never lost in the title matches at Roland Garros. The last obstacle was Wawrinka, who never conceded in the finals of the Grand Slam tournaments. In 2014, Stan just beat Nadal in the decisive meeting of the Australian Open.

Already in the third game of the match, Nadal experienced problems on his pitch, but Wawrinka failed to realise the first and last break point in the match. Stan had to make a huge amount of effort to prevent his opponent from getting away. But with a score of 2:2 in the first set, Rafael's advantage over the opponent began to grow exponentially. The Spaniard took out almost all the balls that were sent to his half by Wawrinka, and he did not miss the chance to drive his opponent on the back line once again. The result of this advantage was two Nadal breaks, which was enough to win the game - 6:2.

This failure broke the 32-year-old tennis player from Switzerland. His game fell apart, there were too many mistakes, and the first game of the new set Wawrinka lost on his pitch.

Nadal quickly went to his tenth victory in Paris. Stan failed to make a reverse break in the second set, and the score in the match was 0: 2 on the parties not in his favour. The decisive draw the Spaniard won not himself, but after unsuccessful actions of the opponent - 6:2, 6:3, 6:1. But it did not make any difference - Rafael Nadal exchanged the second ten victories at the French Open.

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