Michael Dunlop won the race on the Isle of Man for the 15th time

Two weeks of holiday (and tragedy) on the Isle of Man came to an end. The winners of eight races in six classes of motorcycles were determined. Due to bad weather, one race was cancelled, and there was no room for transfer to the already tight schedule.

For some racers - like Michael Rutter and Ian Hutchinson - the results were a pleasant surprise gift; others - for example, Michael Dunlop and the brothers Burchall, - got exactly what they expected; the third - here can we talk about Guy Martin and John McGuinness - their campaign-2017 may be called a failure.


The Superbike race opened TT. John McGuinness withdrew from the competition due to the May trauma on the North West 200. His partner Guy Martin did not reach the finish line due to a dangerous accident when his new Honda Firblade refused the checkpoint and he entered the fast left turn almost without breaking. Michael Dunlop led two circles confidently, but his bike broke. However, Ian Hutchinson and Peter Hickman, both on BMW, and Dean Harrison on Kawasaki competed gloriously. Thanks to the teamwork, Hutchinson stepped forward on the fourth lap of six and successfully fought off Hickman, who was hanging on his wheel when he left for the last pivot in the Mountain. Ian tried to leave far away, and he did it - he increased the gap from 1.6 seconds to the final 5 seconds.


This race was left for Hutchinson and his BMW, that is, the result is the same as for the Superbike class. In general, the Bavarians dominated seriously in this class, because after Hutchinson three bikes of the same class finished. Ian has won the TT for the 16th time and the third time in a row in Superstock.


In general, Michael Dunlop won in a not very intense race. He took the lead in the second round and began to shake off such pursuers as James Hillier and his brother William. Dunlop finished 13 seconds before Hillier. The third place belongs to Peter Hickman.


The veteran of motor racing Michael Rutter is known as the legend of the competitions North West 200 (14 wins) and the Grand Prix of Macau (8 wins). His success on the TT is more modest, and yet the Briton, nicknamed Razor, grabbed this year another gold award for winning in the Lightweight category, his fifth on Man.

Senior TT Race

This victory has become the third for Michael Dunlop in the Senior TT - the other 12 races he won in the Superbike, Supersport and Superstock classes. He takes the fifth place in the list of record-holders in the whole history of the race. The absolute record belongs to his uncle Joey Dunlop, who won 26 races in his career.

The second, with a delay from the result of Dunlop in 13 seconds, finished BMW racer Peter Hickman - the podium has become the fifth for him for TT this year. The third position was taken by Dean Harrison on Kawasaki.

Other main contenders for the victory did not reach the finish line. The racer of Honda Guy Martin did not start at all due to training shortages after the recent fall, and Ian Hutchinson on BMW got into an accident and was sent to the hospital with a hip injury. Because of the last incident, the race was interrupted for some time by red flags. A restart was called and the second race was shortened to four laps. Here, Dunlop immediately seized the initiative, leaving a powerfully attacked all week Hickman for almost 14 seconds. For Michael, this victory was the 15th on the Tourist Trophy.

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