Kipsang Favourite to Win the Tokyo Marathon 2017

Kipsang is a favourite ahead of other top runners to win the Tokyo marathon 2017, according to Tokyo marathon odds.

Tokyo Marathon is regarded as one of the most important marathons in the world. It is part of the six competitions which belong to the World Marathon Majors. Even though it was first conducted only in 2007, Tokyo Marathon has grown in popularity over the years to achieve a greater significance amongst the marathon events. Tokyo Metro are the sponsors of this huge race.


Tokyo marathon has existed as two marathons for several years before it was unified under the existing brand in 2007. The first race drew 30,000 runners with 25,000 people signing up for the marathon itself. The remaining had signed up with a view of running in the 10k run. The tournament did not provide a male Japanese winner until four years in the form of Masakazu Fujiwara.


Kenenisa Bekele would have been the potential candidate to win the title. However, a fall in the recent marathon in Dubai means that the Ethiopian is more likely to be focusing on the upcoming London marathon in April. As a result, Kipsang is an overwhelming favourite to put on a great show at the Tokyo marathon 2017 and end the season in top fashion. Kipsang is the former world record holder who will be joined by a number of top runners. Dickson Chumba of Kenya won the Tokyo marathon in 2014, and he will be watching the race. Chumba holds the record for this competition after having finished at 2:05:42.

Other top runners at this race are likely to be Tadese Tola and Tsegaye Kebede of Ethiopia. The former managed to come third in the IAAF World Championships of 2013. He also had managed to win the first marathon of the season, which took place in Dubai. As a result, he will be coming into the competition in good form. Bernard Kiprop Kipyego of Kenya managed to come second in the tournament in the 2016 edition.

Tokyo marathon odds will be aware that the upcoming 11th edition is not only better in several regards, but it will also be bigger. However, race director Tad Hayano remains confident that the record of 2:05:42 will be broken. The course has been renewed with the Tsukuda Bridge no longer part of the scenario. As a result, the course may have a much flatter look – almost similar in feel to the marathon at Dubai. Kipsang is clearly looking to make an impression in Tokyo.

What You Should Know

Marathons are all about who's the fastest, but there's much more than that in the equation. You should perform some research to see past races of the runner and if he/she has had any injuries as of late. Injuries are probably the most important factor that needs to be taken into account when betting on sports - any sport. Tokyo Marathon 2017 will definitely see Kipsang taking the podium, as he's been showing a stunning form as of late.

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