Leicester vs Atletico Madrid - 1: 1 Experience beats beginners

The current champions of England gave all their strength in the confrontation with Atletico on the home field, but the exit goal, scored by Saul Niguez in the 26th minute of the match, did not leave the Foxes chances for a final success.

The Previous Match and the Pre-Match Mood

The first match between Atletico and Leicester ended with a very comfortable score - 1: 0 for the players of Diego Simeone. Not allowing Leicester to score, the Atleti left themselves a good chance in the second leg.

The task to beat Atletico with its super-reliable protection was beyond the power of the champion of England. The mood of Shakespeare's wards was felt; they were ready to show their best qualities of the "fox", and to some extent, they even succeeded. The meeting was at a fairly high speed, many attacks and kicks on the goals of both teams, numerous dangerous moments were also created. But the more experienced team entered the semifinals. For Simeone, this is already a good tradition - to give way to the Atleti to the top four teams in Europe.

The First Half of the Tie on April 18th, 2017

Atletico's task was clear - to score at least one goal and bring this confrontation to a logical conclusion. The task of Leicester was more difficult - to play well in defence and score the right number of goals.

In the debut Leicester did not rush headlong forward, it would be too reckless. Atletico also looked closely at the hosts and if they conducted combinations, they rarely ended with the blows. However, after the 20th minute, both teams boldly crossed the centre of the field and carried out large-scale attacks.

The guests found their moment in the middle of the half. At the 26th minute, Filipe Luis passed a ball from the flank to a lonely Saul, who sent the ball to the corner of the goal with his head. Here Schmeichel was powerless, but Leicester needed to score three goals.

Before the break, the hosts had only one good opportunity to win back. Maresz scored well from the penalty, but again Oblak played above all the praises. Responding to this attack, Philip Luis hit a little higher. Carrosco also broke through to the excellent position just before the signal for the break, defeating two defenders, and only Schmeichel left the gate in time and eliminated the threat.

The Second Half

In the second half, Shakespeare made a double substitution. Young Chilwell, who did not use a couple of moments at once, which is forgivable for a 20-year-old player, exacerbated the game a lot.

The Foxes managed to revenge in the middle of the second half - the blow of Chillwell did not work, but from Savich, the ball jumped to Vardy and Jamie drove the ball under the crossbar.

In general, Lester deserves the highest praise for the second half of the match. Many moments were created by the hosts and made Atletico worried, but the implementation failed.

About 10 minutes before the end, Atletico already believed in their advantage and pushed the game away from the goal. The final whistle recorded an effective draw. Shakespeare's wards spent the last minutes in the penalty zone of the guests, but the final assault did not end with a real chance for the second goal.

Leicester did not succeed to pull out the victory, but they fly out of the tournament with a high-raised head. This is already a good achievement for the Champions League debut in the quarterfinals, which no other English team has so far. Atletico also continues its confident path in a prestigious tournament and, judging by the game, the semi-final will not be the ultimate goal of the Madrid club.

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