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Liverpool Owners FSG Consider New Shareholders

The FSG ownership group has been criticised for not backing Klopp enough in the transfer market and for trying to balance the books at a time when Liverpool needed more investment. In particular, the club failed to sign an elite midfielder in the summer transfer window, and the club's fans want more spending power from the owners.

Liverpool Owners FSG are looking for new shareholders after they bought the club 12 years ago. According to reports, the group has asked investment banks to help them find potential investors for the club. The group also sent out an information memorandum last month to potential investors, indicating that they are prepared to sell all or part of their Liverpool shares to new owners.

The company did not give a detailed explanation of why it is considering new owners, but it has not ruled out selling its club. Its most recent shareholders were two American investors, Athletic Investment Group and RedBird Capital. The FSG's last major transaction was the sale of 11 per cent of the group to Redbird Capital last March. The sale is being handled by two US banks and the owners have declined to comment on the matter.

A new ownership group may be the perfect solution to FSG's problems. After all, the UAE has sold their stakes in City Football Group to Chinese investors and a US private equity firm. While the situation looks favourable for FSG, the announcement on Monday could spell the end for current owners at Anfield.

Klopp's decision to stay at Liverpool was announced by FSG after the manager informed the firm of his intentions. The German manager was in Formby with his wife when the announcement was made, and the two-year extension was welcomed by the FSG. The FSG's commitment to long-term ownership is the primary reason why Klopp agreed to sign the contract. Furthermore, Gordon and Klopp share a strong bond.

While the owners are looking to increase the value of their stake, they should also keep in mind their potential upside and downside. Liverpool has a much bigger fanbase than Chelsea, and its annual turnover is bigger. Despite the higher cost, the owners are still likely to see a return on their investment. Moreover, if the club wins the league again, it is likely to qualify for the Champions League once again.

Liverpool fans' sentiments are mixed about FSG's potential new owners. They are concerned about the possibility of a new investment from a national or hedge fund. They do not want to be deprived of their beloved football team. Their motivation matters, and it is important that FSG think twice before announcing a new owner.

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04.11.2022, by Joanne Rivero