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StarCraft II StarLeague | E-Sports Betting Tips and Predictions

Dear vs Dark Predictions and Betting Tips: Dark Slight Favourite Ahead of Tight Quarter Final Match Up

Get the latest final betting tips and match preview of Dear vs Dark Quarter final clash in the Starcraft 2 StarLeague 2017. more...

E-Sports Ian Waterhouse

StarCraft 2 StarLeague is one of the two leagues in Korea that are part of the StarCraft 2 World Championship Series. This is an offline event that takes place in Seoul, South Korea. Regarded as one of the top events in the world, it is organised by Blizzard Entertainment and SPOTV Games. One can witness numerous StarCraft 2 StarLeague betting site options due to the overwhelming popularity of the league.

StarLeague SC2 Tips and Format

The format of the competition is to separate the best from the 10 players that take part. The pennant race is used to determine the best of the 10 players, who compete in a single round-robin group. The games are taken in the best-of-three format and the ability to reach the postseason is provided to the top four players. StarCraft 2 StarLeague betting advice focuses on these matches with greater concentration so as to provide a greater accuracy when it comes to the latter stages.

Postseason comprises of two playoff rounds which follow the best-of-seven format. The StarCraft 2 StarLeague match predictions focus on the first playoff round that features the third place player from the round-robin going up against the fourth place. The second playoff round is about the second place player from the round-robin going against the match one winner.

The grand finals is about the round-robin first place player going up against the match 2 winner. Once again, the grand finals follow the best-of-seven format. The StarLeague StarCraft II betting tips are especially higher during the latter stages of the competition.

Maps & StarLeague StarCraft II Predictions

Abyssal Reef, Odyssey, Ascension to Aiur, Frost, Newkirk Precinct TE, Whirlwind, and Overgrowth are the maps being employed in order to find out the best of the players in this game. The Legacy of the Void Patch 3.15.1 – Patch 3.16.1 is the game version being used in this competition.

Prize Pool

The 10 players will be competing for a prize money of around $ 55,000 or ₩ 62 million. As a result, this is regarded as one of the premier events in the world. The lofty nature of the event is also apparent from a large number of StarCraft 2 StarLeague betting tips available for the punters. The winner gets around $ 8800 or ₩ 10 million. The losing finalist will have a ₩ 5 million prize money or around $ 4400.

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