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ultimate yachting betting odds comparison in  South AfricaYachting as a sport goes back hundreds of years. Originally, it was enjoyed primarily by royalty. Yacht racing as we know it today started when Great Britain’s Royal Yacht Squadron challenged an American ship to a race in 1851, which led to the birth of the American Cup race that remains the biggest event in the sports to this day, in addition to many other hotly contested events.

The Fundamentals of Yachting Betting

Yachting is unlike any other sport, as the competitions can last for several months before all the ships cross the finish line. The courses can cover whole oceans, so it really is an epic adventure for all involved. When approaching the wagering markets on this sport, punters need to take a long-term approach to betting, and it pays off to do research on teams and especially the weather, to have the best chance at winning big. It’s also a market that is popular with high rollers, but fans can make a bet of any size that they wish.

Key Yachting Betting Odds

By far, the biggest betting market when it comes to making a bet on yachting is for outright winners, that is, which crew will sail their ship to complete the race first. Then there are further markets, such as the runner up, last placed, and time taken to complete. Because the races are such long events, there’s plenty of liquidity on the In Play markets, and paying close attention to the progress of a race can lead to some real bargains. Fans can keep up with the markets on the go using mobile betting apps and checking with OddsDigger to make sure they’re enjoying the best live odds available at all times.

Crucial Markets for Yachting Odds

There’s a big yachting scene in South Africa, particularly around the Cape, where there will always be plenty of regattas providing racing events. The biggest South African race is the Governor’s Cup that runs a whopping 1700 miles from Simon’s Town to St. Helena Island. Internationally, the American Cup is still the premier event in the world when it comes to yachting bets. Further popular races include the Fastnet around the British Isles, the Newport to Bermuda race, and the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. The majority of the races tend to be held in the summer, so as to minimise the risks from stormy weather.

Finding Yachting Betting Sites

You might have to look around to find a bookmaker that offers markets on yachting, but both Betfair and Ladbrokes can be relied upon to offer solid coverage of the big markets. Fans need to make sure that they compare yachting odds to make certain that they’re enjoying the highest possible returns on winning wagers. OddsDigger provides a completely free service that connects punters with the best offers from the top bookies, so be sure to check in before you start making bets on these fantastic competitions.