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These events take place throughout the year, making it a great sport to bet on. As soon as one event comes to a close, the preparations begin for the next one, so you never have to wait before you can enjoy the action once again. All this makes betting on the sport both fun and easy.

Another reason why it is very popular is because of the different wagering opportunities available, from betting on who will win an event outright to wagering on each individual race. With so much choice and variety, you will quickly find your favorite market.

Get the Best Rowing Betting Odds

The number of available opportunities is big, and that will really please the new players. When you are looking at the available wagering opportunities, be sure to take the best odds that are on offer each time. Types of wagers here include Winner, 1-3 wagers, and H2H wagers. Choose your favorite!

Alongside a good range of markets to wager on before a race begins, you can also stake on many events in-play. You can compare the odds available from the top bookmakers on the OddsDigger South Africa page, so you know where to head when it is time to place your bets. Use the rowing odds comparison tool to get ahead!

See All the Markets

From domestic events that are generally smaller to big international events that attract attention from all over the world, OddsDigger South Africa has everything covered. You will be able to see the available odds across all the markets and read previews from the experts. In South Africa, Rowing South Africa is the governing body of the sport that prepares the competitions such as USSA-R Sprints National Regatta and SA National Rowing Championships. And the World Rowing Cup, World Rowing Championships, and World Rowing Coastal Championships are just some of the international competitions available for wagering. Don’t miss them.

Where to Bet on Rowing

The good news is that there are many different rowing betting sites out there that accept wagers. The choice on offer is very good, meaning you can shop around and get the best value on every single wager that you place. Compare the odds on OddsDigger South Africa and get yourself a great deal, to ensure that you are getting the most profit from your betting. As for the bookmakers, we recommend Bet365 and Unibet as they are trustworthy and reliable.