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It is an unusual variation on baseball that is nonetheless finding new fans all the time. First developed in Finland in the middle of the 20th century, it’s since gone on to become one of the country’s national sports and carries an especially enthusiastic fan-base. It has also found favour in other territories in northern Europe such as Norway, Austria, and Germany. The play here is actually a lot more explosive than baseball, and you will see a lot more activity over the course of a single game. The right bet on pesapallo could see punters walking away with considerable returns on a stake.

The Principal Types of Pesapallo Betting Odds

The most popular type of odds is the simple match bets on a three-way win/lose/draw outcome for a single fixture. Other kinds of pesapallo bets could include outright bets on a tournament’s ultimate winner, over/under score bets, and the score at the end of a given inning. Be sure to acquaint yourself with the sport and get a feel for the rhythm of the game before going on to make any large wagers. Also, bear in mind that pesapallo games lend themselves well to In-Play wagers, and your live betting can be boosted here by making the most of live streaming and mobile betting.

The Prime Markets for Pesapallo Betting

Pesapallo is a relatively young sport but year-on-year, it is seeing a big increase in fans coming on board, particularly in North America. On the domestic level in South Africa, it is not yet popular but you can find good options worldwide. The biggest country for pesapallo odds is, of course, still Finland. The top division in the country is called the Superesis and can offer fans the best action all season. Following this, the Pesapallo World Cup that takes place every three years brings the best players from around the world together to battle for their country’s glory. This is a sport on a rise and there are bound to be more leagues appearing globally in the near future.

The Optimum Pesapallo Betting Sites

You might have to do a little digging to find a bookmaker who will carry the sport, at least for now. Two bookmakers we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend include 888Sport and Unibet, who both impress with the depth of their market coverage and offers of consistently strong odds. Don’t forget to take advantage of OddsDigger to make sure your pesapallo odds comparison is always up-to-date and that you’re always enjoying the best deals the markets have to offer.